Welcome to Berry

On the morning of Aug. 17, Berry opened its gates to this year’s new students and their families. Resident assistants and Berry bellhops worked hard that morning to move them into their new homes. At the opening ceremony later that day, SOAR leader Rebekah Sweatt had some welcoming words for the new Vikings.

“I want to encourage each of you to take full advantage of all the opportunities, events, games and relationship building chances that you’ll have with Viking Venture,” Rebecca said. 

Now that classes have started, Berry has already made an impact on the freshmen class. Bailey Lawson, a biochemistry major from Tifton, Ga., is already excited about what Berry has to offer. 

“It seems like everyone who works on this campus takes your success personally, and it shows whenever I go to ask for help or even just in small talk,” Bailey said. “I am looking forward to the people I will meet, the relationships I will build, and the classes I will take.”

Interim Provost Andy Bressette asked three things of the freshmen class, to be open, be challenged, and be a risk taker. With that, Berry College wishes the best to our freshmen as they begin their college career. 


Written by Public Relations Student Supervisor Abbie Smith. Photos by Student Photographic Coordinator Sara Leimbach