Heart of Berry

On a bright Saturday morning, new Berry students spent their morning serving the community by pairing up with local service organizations to participate in volunteer projects. From cleaning up streams to painting playground equipment, students were able to live Berry's motto "Not to be ministered unto, but to minister." 

“All over America today, at this moment, college students just like yourselves are sound asleep,” Katherine Powell, director of the Office of First-Year Experience, said in the morning. “But you guys are going out to make a difference.”  

Tyler Jagt, a First-Year Mentor and English major from Ontario, Canada, led his mentees in cleaning and organizing at the Family Resource Center in Rome, Georgia. 

“They take children and families who have been abused or are at risk and work with the adults to find them a better situation,” Tyler said. “We spruced up the exterior, cleaned the rooms the kids play in, weeded the garden and fixed a swing set. Some of the girls did clerical work too that the employees were too busy to handle that day.”

Isabella Kukor, a freshman from Frederick, Maryland, is one of Tyler’s mentees this year. 

“We may have done tasks that to us, seemed as if they were everyday chores but they had a greater sense of meaning and appreciation behind them,” Isabella said. “One of the biggest draws I had from this experience is realizing that individually, we serve - together, we impact.”


Article by Public Relations Student Supervisor Abbie Smith and photos by student photographers Sara Leimbach and Jacob Bushey