Recognizing the Remarkable Gifts


Every year Berry College sets aside one night to honor the generous donors who have given financially to student scholarships. This year’s 16th annual dinner hosted 410 donors and recipients for an evening of entertainment, speakers and fellowship.

“In 10 years when we are doctors, lawyers, business men and women, presidents of universities and presidents of the United States, we will look back and say to ourselves, ‘we are who we are, we have accomplished what we have accomplished, because of you,’” said sophomore Aaron Morrison, one of the two Slocum Gate of Opportunity Scholars, to the audience.

Students lined the main entrance to campus holding candles to welcome guests to the very special night. Once seated in the Steven J. Cage Athletic and Recreation Center, donors enjoyed dinner alongside their students. 

The evening began with a welcome from Barry Griswell, a Berry alumnus and chair of the Board of Trustees, and an invocation by senior Alondra Guzman. The Berry College Voices performed a beautiful rendition of “Go the Distance,” and “Man In the Mirror” led by junior Gate of Opportunity Scholar Ryan Daly, along with “Seize the Day” to close the evening.

Berry President Steve Briggs thanked the guest in attendance and recognized a relatively new Gate Scholarship, the Slocum Gate of Opportunity Scholarship. Berry alumnus Christy Morrison Slocum spoke of her time overseas and the impact Berry College had on her and her husband’s life. Both being Berry graduates as well as getting married in Frost Chapel, their life and gratitude always came back to Berry.

Written by Public Relations Student Assistant Alexi Bell. Photos by Student Photographers Jacob Bushey and Sara Leimbach and Staff Photographer Brant Sanderlin.