Berry Blooms

Spring has made its mark on Berry College, painting the campus in an array of colors from pale pastels to bright hues. Students have been taking advantage of the warmer weather, tossing Frisbees and reclining on the lush lawns across campus. For seniors, the beauty of Berry is almost bittersweet.

“Even though everything is new, bright and warm in the spring, there’s this overwhelming sense of finality that, for me, makes March and April seem especially important,” said senior Tyler Jagt from Senioa. “It’s always been my favorite part of the year, but now it’s especially moving.”

To make this time even more special, students celebrated the end of another school year with Finals Fest, an evening of food, fun and not one, but two concerts. After bouncing on inflatables and filling up on popsicles, students crowded into the Cage Athletic Center to watch Pretty Sister, a pop/EDM artist, and Finals Fest alum and rapper Bryce Vine.

“It’s actually the first Finals Fest I’ve ever been to,” said senior Candler Lowe. “The food was really good, with Dippin Dots and Frios, I had so much sugar that day.”

Written by Public Relations Student Supervisor Abbie Smith. Photos by student photographers Jacob Bushey, Lindsey Campbell, Sara Leimbach and Olivia Mead.