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December 16, 2020

Bringing the Mountain Home

The slopes of Lavender Mountain might have been quiet on Saturday, Oct. 10, but not even a global pandemic could stop Berry alumni from celebrating Martha Berry’s birthday.

With campus events limited to students, alumni from as far away as South Korea and Japan made sure that beloved Mountain Day traditions continued at home. Smiling faces filled computer screens for virtual events, and innovations like “Mountain Day in a Box,” including all the ingredients for an at-home family picnic, proved to be a big hit.

The Mountain Day picnic photo winners!

There were Zoom reunions galore, including special events for the college classes of 1970 and 2020, as well as a Mountain Day lecture by Dr. David Slade (97C, FS) and a Mountain Day trivia contest hosted by Director of Athletics Angel Mason. Alumni also had the opportunity to vote on best at-home picnic, with the winner receiving a private, catered lunch at the House o’ Dreams.

Thanks to everyone who held a picnic, lifted a cupcake in toast to Martha or, in the case of Marcy Peterson Holzrichter (09C), staged a mini-Grand March in Tokyo. We love your Berry spirit!

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