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September 29, 2020

23 Berry College Campus Highlights Students Can Get Excited About

It’s not a stretch to say few school campuses compare to the one at Berry College. It’s certainly among the largest in the U.S. at 27,000 acres, spanning habitats ranging from rivers to mountain foothills. It’s no wonder students — not to mention filmmakers — are drawn to the Berry College campus.

If you’re considering becoming a student here, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with a number of locations. Cecily Crow, director of student activities at Berry College, recommends the following destinations.

Berry College campus locations every student should know

Though the grounds are expansive, most of the destinations students regularly visit are in close proximity to one another. These are some of the locations students frequently stop by:

  1. Cage Athletic Center is where you’ll find athletic events like volleyball and basketball, but it’s also where fitness classes and intramural sports take place.
  2. Berry College Memorial Library is much more than a place to hit the books. “Students actually call it ‘Club Lib’ as in ‘Club Library’ because they’re studying as well as socializing,” Crow mentions.
  3. Krannert Center houses dining facilities, a post office, the bookstore and a coffee shop. “It’s a central hub of campus life,” Crow says.
  4. Valhalla Stadium and the nearby fieldhouse are home to the track and field, football and lacrosse teams.

Berry College campus highlights for outdoor enthusiasts

“It’s definitely a campus that encourages outdoor activities,” Crow says. On top of the spaces just outside the doors, you’ll want to stop by these destinations:

  1. Berry College Reservoir actually supplies the school’s water. It’s also a great area for hiking.
  2. Horse Riding Trails are available thanks to the equestrian program. Students are able to go out on group rides together.
  3. Victory Lake Campsite is a great option for students who like to sleep under the stars. It’s easy to reserve, with 24 hours advance notice.
  4. Viking Cycle Works is one of Berry College’s student-operated enterprises. They store, repair and even rent bikes.
  5. Viking Trail is a three-mile stretch that’s perfect for walking, running and biking. It’s a favorite among active students.

Berry College campus highlights for the academically inclined

Learning and growing are at the heart of everything that goes on at Berry. “We enjoy helping students to leave Berry with skills that will prepare them to be successful in their next stage of life,” Crow says. These are some of the locations where students really hone these abilities: 

  1. Academic Success Center (ASC) resources include tutoring, individual academic consultations, study workshops and more. It’s located in the library.
  2. Cook Building has housed many departments over the years, but it’s now where you’ll find Berry’s education students.
  3. Evans Hall houses the humanities, social sciences and fine arts programs. Crow mentions it’s common to see students casually interacting with their professors here.
  4. Green Hall, originally called Recitation Hall, now houses the Campbell School of Business.
  5. Laughlin Building activities range from filming shows to practicing as part of the speech team. This communications department building includes a TV studio, photography lab and classrooms.
  6. McAllister Hall is where the biology, chemistry, computer science, environmental sciences, geology, math and physics departments are located.
  7. Rollins Research Center is a great place for animal sciences students to attend class, work with various creatures and conduct research.

Berry College campus highlights for history buffs

Berry College has a rich history. Many historical sites remain, and a considerable number of them are closely tied to founder Martha Berry:

  1. House O’ Dreams is one of Crow’s favorite destinations. It was built by students as a gift for Martha Berry in 1922. “It’s supposed to inspire dreaming about life goals and what you want to accomplish,” Crow enthuses.
  2. Oak Hill Estate was Martha Berry’s home, and there’s now an attached museum.
  3. Possum Trot Church might be one of the most historically significant locations on campus. Martha Berry began using it for Sunday school in 1900. “They call it the birthplace of Berry College,” Crow says.
  4. Roosevelt Cabin, first simply called “the cabin,” used to serve as a guest house in the early days of the school. It’s now preserved as a museum.
  5. The Ford Buildings, which include dining facilities, residence halls and the alumni center, are some of the most recognizable structures on campus.
  6. The Gate of Opportunity may not be the main entrance anymore, but it’s a favorite landmark among students, parents and alumni.
  7. The Old Mill Waterwheel, which was rebuilt in 1977, is 42 feet in diameter. Crow says it’s common for students to park nearby before hiking to the reservoir.

Picture yourself at Berry College

The above features are just a taste of what the Berry College campus has to offer. It’s a historic and picturesque location to live, learn and grow. Students couldn’t ask for a better home away from home.

When it comes to academics, Berry College is equally impressive. You can actively shape your degree program to focus on your passions and work toward your goals. And every student has the opportunity to gain work experience that can set the stage for career success. Start exploring your options by visiting our Academic Programs page.

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