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January 27, 2020

Professor of Physics and Astronomy Todd Timberlake

Dr. Timberlake is part of a team that was awarded the Excellence in Physics Education Award for 2020 from the American Physical Society. The group has developed a vast resource of materials freely available to physics professors. Dr. Timberlake created astronomy simulations which he uses in his “Are We Alone” class and other astronomy courses.

Dr. Timberlake has received a number of faculty awards at Berry, including the Mary S. & Samuel Poe Carden Award which recognizes the highest standards of teaching, scholarship, helpfulness to students, and other contributions to the college community, the Martindale Award of Distinction which recognizes members of the Berry community who promote continuous improvement, implement innovative approaches, and inspire others to extraordinary achievement, and the Teaching Excellence Award.

He is also the co-author of “Finding Our Place in the Solar System: The Scientific Story of the Copernican Revolution” published by Cambridge University Press.  


Written by Public Relations

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