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December 7, 2021

Philosophy Professor Tackles Probability

Associate Professor of Philosophy Matthew Lee has been awarded a sabbatical to write a book on probability in philosophy of religion. Most people don't know that philosophical arguments for and against the existence of God nowadays often use the concepts of probability theory. The reason is that probability theory helps us understand evidence, and the philosophers who debate God's existence are interested in evidence for/against God's existence.

Students and faculty, including faculty outside Berry, will read chapter drafts to ensure that Dr. Lee's book is readable to a wide audience of people interested in the debates over God's existence.

Dr. Lee's experience with philosophy of religion goes back to a course he took at age 19--Contemporary Christian Philosophy--at the University of Texas. He loved the subject so much he decided to get a Masters in Philosophical Theology at the University of Oxford and then a Ph.D. in Philosophy at Notre Dame. While most of his published work has been on the nature of belief, Dr. Lee is excited to return in this book project to the questions that inspired his philosophical journey from the get-go.

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