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August 26, 2022

Berry Mathematician Awarded National Book Prize  

WASHINGTON, D.C.  – Berry College Mathematics Professor Ron Taylor has won the Mathematical Association of America's Beckenbach Book Prize. 

Taylor and co-author Patrick X. Rault wrote "A TeXas-Style Introduction to Proof", which appears in the MAA Textbooks Series. Taylor uses the textbook in his classes at Berry. “A TeXas Style Introduction to Proof” also introduces TeX as a tool students can use to communicate their work.  

The idea of being a writer had never occurred to me, even though the process of writing has always been enjoyable,” Taylor said. “I have always been a reader, but the idea of writing a book was an unimaginable concept.  Then I discovered inquiry-based-learning and began writing notes for an introduction to proof class.” 

Taylor earned his PhD in mathematics from Bowling Green State University, where he spent two years teaching in the nationally recognized Chapman Learning Community. He has a master’s degree in mathematics from Winthrop University and bachelor degrees in political science and mathematics/computer science from Concord College. 

In addition to the MAA textbook, Taylor has written articles in a variety of areas including functional analysis, geometry, knot theory, and graph theory, some with undergraduate students. Taylor lives in Rome, with his wife Kirsten, a political science professor at Berry. 


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