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August 2, 2019

Berry grad dives into new career

Carson Oakes (19C) is at his best when he is helping others succeed. Now, the recent graduate is about to begin a career as an account executive with Double the Donation, a fundraising company based in Atlanta.

“In this role, I’m pulling a little bit from everything I was involved with here at Berry,” he says. Carson double majored in marketing and management and found valuable experiences all over campus during his four years. He played on the men’s soccer team which gave Carson a chance to experience competition and teamwork—skills he is now applying to his career.

He also worked as the business manager for student publications where he was responsible for business and advertising for Valkyrie, the lifestyle magazine; Ramifications, the literary magazine; and the Campus Carrier newspaper. The position gave him real-world experience with sales and advertising, which ties directly into his new responsibilities.

The Bonner Scholars program was a big part of his four years at Berry. The service-based scholarship provides students with opportunities to serve in the Rome, Ga., community. Carson volunteered with the Boys & Girls Club.

Through these experiences, Carson discovered his passion for helping others. Whether it was helping his teammates on the field, his fellow classmates in student publications or the kids at the Boys & Girls Club, he found his role as a helping hand.

This makes his new job with Double the Donation a natural fit. The company works closely with businesses, organizations and nonprofits to generate funds for charity, research, education, service, and more. “I’m getting to learn the business side of philanthropy and helping nonprofits fundraise,” Carson says. “Berry … taught me what motivates me to do my best work. I realized that I do my best when I am helping others succeed.”

junior Shannon Rainey

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