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August 7, 2019

An open door to work abroad

Meghan Albritton’s Berry experience has prepared her to continue to explore the world by pursuing a teaching career abroad.

Meghan graduated this year with a major in Spanish and environmental science and a minor in anthropology. She was chosen to speak at the 2019 commencement and spoke highly of the skills she acquired as a Berry student.

“So much of what I thought I knew has been challenged in the last four years,” Meghan said in her speech, “and all that I have learned has radically altered the way I view and think of myself, the world, and people.”

Meghan found great community at Berry, but her studies also deepened her desire to see the world.

“I majored in Spanish, and that has opened up so many doors for me, both in the States and abroad,” Meghan says. “I also had the opportunity to travel over the last four years and that sparked my interest in looking for jobs in other places.”

Meghan worked with the college’s English as a Second Language program as a student, which is one of the many ways Berry helped her prepare to teach children abroad.

This fall, she plans to move to Barcelona, Spain, to continue teaching English with Programa AC.

Meghan is living her dream of working abroad thanks to the opportunities and encouragement she received from Associate Professor of World Languages and Cultures Julee Tate, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science Zachary Taylor and Biology Lab Supervisor Laura Taylor.

“I have loved the community I’ve found through the people at Berry and the work experience I’ve had from working in the labs or with the little ones at ESL,” Meghan says. “I have learned so much from the people I’ve met and am so thankful for all the time and energy they’ve invested in me.”

senior Megan Benoit

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