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Zion Brown
September 16, 2021

A minister in the making thanks to Berry opportunities

Zion Brown ’21 is a deeply committed young adults resident at Perimeter Church in Atlanta, helping to create community in the surrounding area. Work experiences at Berry prepared him for long-term training as a minister.

“I have been a Berry fan since I was a kid,” Brown says. He often visited his sister, alumna Naysia Humphrey ’13, and campus soon felt like home. Once at Berry, Brown got involved with campus ministries through the Winshape College Program (a leadership program geared toward discipleship and community) and worked in the Chaplain’s Office.

“They hired me to do graphic design and photography work in the Chaplain’s Office, but I became the office project manager. I was able to incorporate my relational gifts that my boss, Dr. Moniz, noticed in me,” Brown explains. “I had a foot in all three teams: spiritual, promotional and office. This flexed my creative abilities alongside my high capacity to reach students.”

Assistant Chaplain Erin Moniz loved her time working with Brown. “He's tenacious, passionate and driven but aims these gifts towards justice and care for the vulnerable,” Moniz says. “He is an up-and-coming leader you will want to keep your eye on.”

Besides helping lead Men’s Ministry and Campus Outreach at Berry, Brown was a dedicated student in the business school. “I fell in love with my management classes and the overlap they had with my religion classes,” he says.

Brown also runs a side business, Assertive Creative, where he applies the business, photography and writing skills he honed at Berry. “After two years as a young adults resident, I want to attend seminary for a Master of Divinity, then a Doctorate of Ministry before becoming a lead pastor of a church,” Brown says. “Berry offered me multiple experiences that prepared me for my current career path. The stellar education I received in the business and religion programs helped me get to where I am today.”

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