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Erica Sprecher
October 14, 2021


Erika Sprecher ’21, a marketing and management major with minors in animal science and entrepreneurship and innovation, is beginning her post-graduate career on a roll. She leveraged Berry’s Pitch competition (a Shark Tank-like event where Berry students present their business ideas and compete for cash prizes) to kick-start two small businesses, BE 3D and Lamboy Cattle Co. Sprecher also gained valuable experience running Lavender Mountain Dreams, one of Berry’s 15 Student Enterprises. A master of time management, she recently launched her career as a talent coordinator at TechHuman, a staffing company that specializes in securing IT talent.

Q. How did you benefit from Berry’s entrepreneurship program?

A. The Berry entrepreneurship program is amazing. Dr. Paula Englis is one of the biggest proponents of my success. It was in her class that the idea for BE 3D came about. She has helped me with the Pitch competitions and given me the knowledge and confidence to pursue my dreams and reach my goals. …. She informed me about the internship program I participated in this summer, which led to a full-time job.

Q. Describe your businesses and your short- and long-term goals.

A. BE 3D is a business I started with my brother, Trey, in Dr. Englis’ Introduction to Entrepreneurship course. My brother and I wanted to start a business together since elementary school. We combined his technological expertise and my business savvy to create BE 3D. We create 3D-printed products such as ornaments, jewelry and magnets, which are currently sold in The Shipyard. We may consider expanding in the future but are currently focused on serving the Berry community.

Lamboy Cattle Co. is a combined effort with ’21 graduate Bryson Lamboy. We incorporated in March of 2020 and previously were a cow-calf producer: breeding cows to produce one calf each year. I then pioneered our expansion into producing and selling beef in November of 2020. The beef business is now our main focus, and we have had a great response through farmers markets and word of mouth. Our future goals are to increase the amount of beef we can produce in a year, and once that happens, sell to a restaurant if the opportunity presents itself.

Q. What is your advice for aspiring entrepreneurs at Berry College?

A. Don't be afraid of failing because without trying you cannot achieve. Look at everything as a learning experience. Find good mentors, listen and absorb information about their successes and how they overcame obstacles. Being an entrepreneur is a lot of work, but it is so rewarding. One of the best pieces of advice I've received is to read. There is so much information in books, and it's all at our fingertips. Work hard, believe in yourself, network effectively and listen more than you talk. This will lead you to succeed.

Written by senior Faythe Choate

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