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Alex Ruble
June 8, 2023

Communication Major Turned Entrepreneur Launches Company during College

Alex Ruble ’23, a communication major with a concentration in filmmaking and cinematic arts, used knowledge gleaned in class and from the entrepreneurship program to launch Ruble Visuals. Since 2020, this photography and videography service has produced engaging content for weddings, families, sporting events and marketing clients. Currently earning an MBA at Berry, Alex anticipates a career as a content creator in marketing while running his own business. “My passion is videography, especially creating advertising content to help businesses grow,” he says.  

Alex chose Berry because of the Bonner Scholarship, a four-year program enabling students to use their talents and skills in support of the community while developing leadership. His interests expanded once he arrived on campus.. A business minor, he capitalized on his entrepreneurial drive with the support of Charles A. Dana Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship Paula Englis.

“My entrepreneurship course with Dr. Englis helped me establish my company’s foundation when it came to target audience, value proposition, vision statement, mission statement, marketing plan and form of business,” Alex says. “There were so many integral pieces missing in my business. Dr. Englis worked with me to develop pricing plans and marketing strategies that fit with my industry.”

With a business model in place, Alex leveraged the multimedia production course taught by Associate Professor of Communication Kim Field-Springer. “She pushed me to learn incredibly useful software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign that have nurtured my love for graphic design and editing,” Alex explains. “These skills have benefited my ability to advertise and market my services for my business.” 

Ruble Visuals took off. Throughout 2020, Alex was contacted for senior or family portraits. He began creating marketing videos for local businesses and friends, which led to a connection in 2021 with Berry’s head volleyball coach, Caitlyn Moriarty, who recruited him to produce pictures and videos during games. Weddings remain a popular staple of the business.

While growing his company, Alex served as the director of photography for Berry’s Office of Diversity and Belonging, which contributed to his personal and professional growth. He is continuing that role as a graduate assistant. “I work alongside brilliant minds on our marketing team,” he says. “Working at D&I has given me the opportunity to use my videography skills to give a voice to many people by filming and sharing their stories online.”

Wherever he goes, Alex knows he can rely on three qualities that underpin his brand of entrepreneurship: resilience, empathy and imagination. “Earthquakes pushed my family out of Indonesia, and we relocated to Malaysia,” he reflects. “I developed new ways to communicate with others, even if I was not familiar with their language and culture. I learned so much from starting at rock bottom that I feel confident I can create something out of nothing, and I can handle whatever situations come my way.

“I love experimenting with art. I always want to find new ways of capturing photos or editing videos. I create content for many audiences, and that has pushed me to figure out what new, interesting visuals are possible. I am constantly learning in my storyboarding, scriptwriting and producing, which continues to nurture the part of me that loves to dream and imagine.”

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