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Maddie Miller
April 12, 2024

Berry MBA Positions Grad for Career Growth and Entrepreneurship

Maddie Miller ’19 says adding a Berry MBA to her resume made a difference in landing her job as the director of programs and events for the Cartersville-Bartow Chamber of Commerce, where she stages about 30 events per year: “The fact that I have my MBA, especially from Berry, set me apart from other candidates that were seeking my current position. While an MBA is not required in the event planning field, it for sure sets you apart.”

From a young age, she loved planning and celebrating “anything and everything.” Majoring in management and supervising on-campus weddings as a student worker at Berry gave Miller the skill set and practical experience needed in her profession. After graduation, she joined Berry as the assistant director of alumni events and special programs. The time seemed right to pursue a graduate degree while working full-time.

“I knew Berry's MBA program would be the best to pursue due to its reputation, affordability and continuation of the same valuable hands-on learning experience that I had there as an undergraduate,” Miller says. “The curriculum helps you manage/streamline tasks and projects more efficiently, elevates your finance/budgeting skills and promotes a more strategic mindset. … I like being able to take what I'm learning and use it in application in my job. I think that also further demonstrates the value of the program to employers!”

MBA candidates can tailor their degree based on interests. “My directed study with Dr. Paula Englis was very impactful,” explains Miller, who developed the small business Confetti Co. “Its main purpose is to provide custom employee celebration services to companies with the goal of increasing employee engagement and satisfaction, prioritizing employee well-being and creating a more caring company culture. Basically employee appreciation through events and incentives!”

Miller’s target clients include business owners, business managers, human resources directors and program managers at organizations with up to 500 employees. Confetti Co. focuses services on businesses dedicated to supporting the local community and economy.

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