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The Berry College Theatre program seeks to provide students with the academic and professional foundations essential for fulfillment and success in the field. A diverse, liberal arts-based training includes offerings in performance, design and technical theatre, theatre history, criticism and grassroots applied theatre, with complementary, high impact activities of artistry and intellectual development.

In accomplishing this purpose, the Department of Theatre is committed to:

  • Broadening the consciousness of student artists and playgoers about theatre worldwide, while instilling a sense of cooperation on the local level among students from diverse backgrounds;
  • Preserving and fostering cultural and cross-cultural achievements and aesthetic sensibilities due to the total student immersion characteristic of our program;
  • Developing the artistic maturity of students by stressing the virtues of collaboration, discipline, humility, and tolerance through student engagement and direct faculty contact;
  • Providing opportunities for self-expression and creative fulfillment while learning invaluable time management and emotional/social intelligence skills;
  • Collaborating and experiencing diversity with other artists and scholars in community, academic, outreach and professional settings.

We look forward to welcoming you to Berry College's Theatre department!