• Launched Culture of Belonging initiative
  • Formed Presidential Advisory Committee and six sub-committees around DEIB
  • Administered Climate Survey
  • Began mandatory DEI training for onboarding
  • All staff/faculty completed DEI onboarding


  • Remodeled large space into the Intercultural Center
  • Appointed a Director of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Continued to successfully recruit diverse students
  • Opened the Intercultural Center
  • Increased hiring effort to recruit and obtain diverse faculty and members
  • Began a civic dialogue program
  • Added 2 diverse student organizations — Berry Brotherhood and AAPI — to the existing 5
  • Opened a campus pantry
  • Launched new trainings for students, staff and faculty
  • Hosted 5 Cultural Events focused on DEIB
  • Began a partnership with the King Center
  • Student Affairs Leader Team attended bias training
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