Outdoor Rec - Volunteer Trip Leader Program

The Department of Recreation is seeking Berry College faculty and staff interested in leading outdoor recreation trips. The goal of the Volunteer Trip Leader Program is to expand the outdoor recreation opportunities offered to students.  The student interest in outdoor recreation is vast and we, as a department, need help in meeting the needs of the students. Moreover, we want to engage the faculty and staff that are enthusiastic about sharing and exposing students the great outdoors (not the Dan Aykroyd and John Candy film).

If you are interested in leading a group of students on an outdoor recreation trip(s) please continue reading below. Varying levels of experience needed. The Volunteer Trip Leader Program has two levels of volunteering. Level 1 is for the non-experienced outdoor enthusiast. Level 2 is for the more experienced outdoorsmen/women.

A Level 1 volunteer will serve as the leader for outdoor trips that utilize outside vendors or outfitters. The volunteer will coordinate the trip and provide transportation to and from the site(s).  No specific experience or credentialing is required to serve as a Level 1 volunteer.

A Level 2 volunteer will serve as the trip guide, in addition to coordinating the trip and providing transportation.  Verification of experience and training in the activity is required, this may include specific credentialing. Other restriction may apply (i.e. guide to participant ratios). A Level 2 can also lead trips that utilize outside vendors or outfitters.

The Department of Recreation will help plan the trip, broker fee negotiations with vendors/outfitters (if applicable), manage registration, provide marketing and cover the volunteers’ expenses. Volunteers will not be compensated.

Volunteers will also be informed of other opportunities, such as service projects or community partnerships.

If you are interested in volunteering, please click here to complete an interest form.  

To submit a trip proposal, email a complete trip plan to recreation@berry.edu with the subject line PROPOSED TRIP PLAN. The Department of Recreation can provide assistance in developing a proposed trip plan.  

Trip approval is subject to a number of factors, including availability and budget. As the program grows, we will likely not be able to offer every trip proposed. Proposed trip plans must be submitted 65 days in advance of the proposed date.

If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Recreation:

The Cage Center - 214