The ERM department at Berry College was developed to create a system of efficient communication and response to any and all emergencies on campus. The ERM department has established a building coordinator for every building/facility that is used by the college, its students, and its faculty. Building coordinators are responsible for disseminating information and instructions to building occupants during an incident.  These coordinators are critical resources in the event of an emergency.  They are provided with training and materials to accomplish their tasks.  These individuals are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the Emergency Operations Plan and for ensuring that building occupants have an understanding of procedures related to their specific area. Below is the list of these coordinators.  

Evacuation plans are posted in all buildings, and in residence halls there are Resident Advisors that are trained in all the proper emergency response procedures. 

All emergencies should be reported to Campus Police first so that they can dispatch and escort the appropriate emergency services required for any incident on campus. 

Hermann Hall - DeeAnn Stuart 

Hoge Building – Cindy Marchant 

Krannert Center – Cecily Crow 

Cage Center – Derek Taylor 

Ladd Center – Anita Erickson 

Memorial Library – Jenny Kleine j 

McCallister Hall - Thomas Shipman 

Evans Hall - Thomas Kennedy 

Cook Building - Kathy Gann 

Moon Building - Brad Adams 

Blackstone Hall - Alice Bristow 

Laughlin Building – Brian Carroll

Lamar Wescott Building – Eddie Elsberry 

Athletic Facilities (on and off campus) – Ginger Swann 

Child Development Center – Ann Tankersly 

BCEMS – Debra Belvin 

Gunby Equine Center- Marvin Howlett 

Rollins Dairy – Addison Harbin 

Jones Physical Plant – Mark Hopkins 

Water Plant – David Goddard 

Campus Safety – Bobby Abrams 

Oak Hill, Martha Berry Museum, and Gift Shop - Tim Brown