Student Financial Services

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When planning to pay for college, it is important to exhaust all resources in order to find the plan best fit for your needs. Options for Berry College include but are not limited to scholarships from Berry, scholarships from outside organizations, need based grants, federal and state financial aid, GA HOPE and Tuition Equalization Grant Programs, federal and outside loans. 

Berry is pleased to provide a Net Price Calculator as a helpful tool for families to use to calculate an estimate of what similar students at Berry College received in scholarship and grant aid the current academic year. This resource provides a preliminary summary of federal, state, and institutional aid eligibility to help families in their financial planning. The outcome is driven by the data entered so it is extremely important to verify the data before entering it into the Net Price Calculator.

To view your Financial Aid Award, please log into your VikingWeb account, select Finances at the top of the page, then select Financial Aid in the menu on the left side of the screen.  

For tips on applying for Financial aid at Berry College click here, or please visit the financial aid webpage.