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In our Create a Plan stage, you will find an abundance of information regarding tuition costs and fees, financial aid, scholarships, payment options. It is our hope that through this guide that you will  be able to better understand the steps to take in preparing your college financial plan. 

  1. Calculate Your Costs - Visit Tuition and Fees page to review the Tuition costs, Room and Board costs, and fees for the upcoming academic year at Berry College. 
  2. Review Funding Sources - Visit the Scholarships and Financial Aid pages to better understand the opportunities that the school provides for an affordable education. 
  3. Payment Options - We offer various and flexible ways for students and families to pay the balances due each semester. How to Pay Your Balance (PDF)
  4. BorrowSmart - To better create a financial plan for Berry, visit BorrowSmart

Something unique to Berry is the Student Work programs on campus that allows all students access to on-campus employment. To learn more about the Student Work Experience and the work programs available at Berry, please visit the Work Experience page. 

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