Berry Event Calendar FAQ

Q: How are events added to the event calendar (

A: In one of two ways:

  • Events can be synced directly from the EMS reservation system (preferred)
  • Events can be added manually to the calendar

Q: How can I ensure my event will be synced from a reservation I made in EMS? -or - Why is my event not listed on the event calendar?

A: For your event to be listed on the event calendar FOUR things need to happen:

  • When reserving a facility for the event using EMS be sure to select YES when asked "Would you like for this event to be posted to the Berry event calendar?"
  • Your event must be designated as one of the following Event Types:
    • Athletic Event
    • Concert/Recital
    • Expo/Fair/Exhibit
    • Social
    • Speaker/Lecture
    • Training/Workshop
    • Performance/Show
    • Intramurals
    • Religious Service
    • Admissions/Recruitment
    • Conference/Seminar
    • Dance
    • Open Rec/Fitness
    • Orientation/SOAR
    • Tournament - Academic
    • Tour
    • Walk/Run
  • Your event will need to be approved by Campus Scheduling and the status changed to "Confirmed".
  • Once confirmed and after the nightly sync, your event will be added to a queue and published to by the Event Calendar Coordinator (

Q: How long will it take for my event to show up on the calendar after being confirmed by Campus Scheduling?

A: We attempt to publish all events within 2 business days from the time they are confirmed by Campus Scheduling. If something needs to be expedited, please contact or

Q: How can I add additional information to my event or correct an error?

A: You can contact or Please attach additional information or photos to the email as needed.


Q: Am I able to manage my own events within

A: Yes. With approval from the administrator responsible for those events, a login can be established giving you permission to manage and edit events as needed.

Q: When should events be added directly to and not through EMS?

A: Very seldom. EMS is the campus facilities and events management hub and should be your starting point whenever possible. There are times, however, when you may need to bypass EMS.

  • If your event is happening off campus or in a non-traditional space you may not be able to book it in EMS.
  • If what you're posting to the calendar is a reminder or notice and not an event in a physical space then it should be added manually.
  • On occasion, you may also have an event that did not properly sync from EMS but needs to be added to the calendar quickly. Those may also be added manually.

Q: How should I address complex event listings on the calendar, such as those made up of multiple sub-events or those with multiple dates?

A: These types of events require more advanced editing inside in order for them to be listed properly. The best approach is to work with Jordan Roach ( to organize these events properly.


Q: My event was approved for CE Credit, but is not designated as such on the event calendar. What should I do?

A: After approval, events are flagged in the calendar with a CE Credit designation by the Cultural Events Committee. The Committee must change the Event Type in EMS to "Cultural Event (CE Credit)" and the Status in EMS to "Confirmed - CE". The event is then synced back to the calendar with those designations to be approved by the Event Calendar Coordinator. For questions about CE Credit events contact Alice Bristow (