Eagle Lesson Plans

This set of example lesson plans was prepared by undergraduate students enrolled in the Early Childhood and Middle Grades Science Methods classes during spring semester 2015. These plans address a number of specified content areas at various grade levels ranging from pre-kindergarten through grade five. You will find links to the lesson plans in the column to the left.

Those directly participating in the project:
Duane Inman, Ph.D. - Berry College Professor of Science Education
Lewis Byrne, M.S. - teacher at Berry College Elementary and Middle Laboratory School

Lesson plan authors:
Carroll Autry
Avery Bachus
Abraham Berman
Jenna Brown
Lauren Buck
Mallory Campbell
Jenny Couch
Brittany Deaville
Rachel Dorris
Hannah Hall
Meaghan Hughes
Ann Christian Juren
Emily Kaelin
Janae King
Jodi Lawson
Shelby Minton
Rhett Morrell
Sarah Nees
Carrie Nobles
Katy O'Rourke
Sarah Pryor
Lauren Schmitz
Breanna Squires

Dr. Renee Carleton - Berry College Associate Professor of Biology