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 “My dreams were made a reality and the organ and piano just sound amazing in the chapel! Thanks again for all you did! It was a wonderful day!”
– Ben and Jenny / Frost Chapel / June 20, 2020

“Berry College is the place we like to call "home". My husband and I were so thankful that we were able to get married at our college where we met!”
– Rachel and Kyle / College Chapel / June 8, 2019

“Thank you for making September 28 the best day of my life. My parents got married at Frost on November 4, 1996. My dad legally adopted me, and he and I said vows to each other at their wedding. From that day on, the biggest dream of my life was to be married there myself. Twenty-three years later… my husband and I used the same vows that my Pastor Granda, who officiated my parents wedding, wrote specifically for them. Everything about the day felt so special and intimate, and it was literally a dream come true.
– Chelsea and Andrew / Frost Chapel / September 28, 2019

“There is no place quite like the grounds of Oak Hill & Martha Berry Museum. The gardens, the house, the trails, the trees… it is a magical place that is perfect for a wedding! The perfect ceremony spot is just 5 steps away from 5 other perfect ceremony spots! You can’t go wrong! We are forever grateful for the beautiful day we had on April 13th, 2019!”
– Emily and Clay / Oak Hill Gardens / April 13, 2019

When my sweet husband proposed, before we even told our families, the FIRST THING we did was email Berry to check the availability of Frost Chapel. Since my days at Berry, I couldn't imagine getting married anywhere else. Berry has the magic to take anyone out of their ordinary and transport them into a fairytale setting. We couldn't have had a more beautiful day. Frost needs no fluff! The space is stunning as is. Ford Dining Hall was like a movie set filled with flowers and wafting with the most amazing food smells. Berry was the perfect backdrop for our simple wedding. Frost was the star of the show. We were lucky to be able to begin our marriage in such a fairytale place.”
– Zuly and Jon / Frost Chapel and Ford Dining Hall / September 1, 2018

“It was our pleasure to do this 50th Anniversary renewal of vows exactly where we were married 50 years ago. Thank you for helping to make it happen. We hope to be able to renew our vows at our 75th Anniversary.”
– Linda / Frost Chapel and Ford Dining Hall / July 6, 2018

To share your Berry love story, email us at weddings@berry.edu. If you’re interested in touring or booking your wedding in one of our magical venues, start here!

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