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Each year, some Berry students are faced with unexpected financial crises that make it necessary for them to drop out of school. Unforeseen events, such as illness or unemployment, may affect their families and force students to withdraw from Berry.

The Save a Student Scholarship works to provide emergency financial aid to these students in need. Last year alone, the fund helped three students finish their senior year and graduate on time.

With your help, we can Save a Student.

Meet our 2018-19 Recipients

Lesley-Cox-portrait-for-email.jpgLesley Cox: From Heartbreak to Hope
For Lesley Cox (20c), Valentine's Day 2018 was a day she will never forget – but not because of any romantic gesture. That day, she learned her father had stage 4 terminal cancer and only had about six months left to live. By July, he had passed away, and Lesley knew her chances of returning to Berry were slim. 
“Dad was paying for my college, and Mom was paying for my brother’s,” Lesley said. “When he died, I didn't know how I was going to be able to graduate from Berry.” 

When she received the Save a Student Scholarship, funded by gifts from Berry students and alumni, she cried.  

“It’s awesome to know that other students want you to succeed. I’m so thankful they made it possible for me to stay at Berry.” 

joe-white-saveastudentJoe White: An Option He Didn't Consider
Joe White (20c) discovered the truth in the saying, “Expectation is the root of all heartache,” when his plans to pay for his Berry education fell through.
Discouraged, the junior biochemistry major thought he had only two options: take out an expensive personal loan or leave Berry. Both jeopardized his dream of becoming a doctor.
Thankfully, Berry alumni and his fellow students had his back. Their gifts to the Save a Student Scholarship changed the course of his life.  
“It means a lot to me that my fellow students gave me this chance to stay at Berry,” said Joe, who will be the first in his family to earn a college degree. 

latisha-berry-saveastudentLatisha Berry: A Second Chance to Try Again
Latisha Berry (19c) is thankful for second chances.
After leaving Berry once for what she calls “the wrong reasons,” the senior sociology major was overjoyed when the college welcomed her back. That joy turned to heartache when she realized she wouldn't be able to pay her tuition.  

“It broke me when I thought I wouldn't be able to stay at Berry,” she said. 
That’s when her fellow students, through their support of the Save a Student Scholarship, gave her a second chance to try again.
“Getting this scholarship really showed me that Berry is a forever family. It made me feel that I wasn't alone.”
Following graduation, Latisha hopes to work with troubled youth.

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