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During these unprecedented times, you can support Berry students facing sudden financial hardship due to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic with a gift to the David Shankles Student Emergency Relief Fund.

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david-shankles.jpgThis Student Emergency Relief Fund is named in honor of David Shankles (20c) who passed away unexpectedly his sophomore year. He will forever be with us.

Often in life, the unavoidable happens. Sickness occurs, family emergencies arise, a loved one passes away, medical needs pop up. When these events happen in the lives of Berry students, the Student Emergency Relief Fund is there to help.

Since most students don’t have the financial means to cover unexpected travel expenses, sudden family or medical emergency costs, or even necessities like eyeglasses or medicine, the Dean of Students Office, in partnership with the Chaplain’s Office, has established the Student Emergency Relief Fund.

The fund is designed to help students with the costs associated with emergency situations. Students who are facing difficult crises can reach out and seek financial assistance when no other help is available.

With your support, the money raised for the Student Emergency Relief Fund will assist students in the most stressful situations.


As a member of the Class of 2020, David Shankles had a profound impact on his classmates while at Berry. Here's what the Senior Class Officers said about the David Shankles Student Emergency Relief Fund:

"The David Shankles Fund means a lot to the Class of 2020 specifically, as David was our classmate and touched so many lives from the moment we entered our first year at Berry. On a broader scale, the fund emphasizes the importance of community and coming together.

"We are so thankful to have the Berry community because sometimes life gets really really hard, and you need a family to rely on. This fund is here to provide more for this family."


Pictured above are the 2019-20 Senior Class Officers. L-R: Josie Hadaway (Treasurer), Mariana Novakovic (Secretary), Bailey Dingley (president), and Diamond Newsome (Vice-President).

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