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In order to keep our campus as safe and healthy as possible, as we begin the spring semester, off campus travel will be restricted for students for at least the first two weeks of the semester. We understand that some exceptions must be made to accommodate students’ various needs to leave campus, and hope to clarify those guidelines here.

As you make plans to return to campus, pack essential items to sustain you on campus for at least two weeks. We will review this decision on a regular basis. 

Regular Off-Campus Travel

Students who are required to travel off campus on a regular basis for the purposes listed below will be on an approved list and do not need to fill out the request form below. These students will still be required to re-enter through the Welcome Center:

  • Academic requirements (student teaching, nursing clinicals, internships)
  • Off-campus Berry jobs (daily travel)
  • Athletics (travel games and practices)
  • Commuter students and off-campus residents

These students will be allowed to re-enter campus after attending these commitments with no consequence. Students that are approved to leave campus will still need to re-enter through the Welcome Center. No students will have gate access on their car decals.

Situational Off-Campus Travel

If you need to leave campus for any other reason that has not been pre-approved by the description of regular off-campus travel, you will need to submit a request form for approval. The form will be located on the COVID-19 tab in VikingWeb or the following link can be used:

Each request will be considered on an individual basis. Approval will be granted in most cases for the following categories:

  • Medical (physical therapy, dentist, or other doctor’s appointment)
  • Off Campus Work (non-Berry affiliated - documentation will be required)
  • Off-Campus Work (inconsistent travel for special events)

Please complete the form with as much detail as possible. For full consideration, please submit your request at least 24 hours prior to your planned departure. You will receive an approval or denial email within 24 hours to your Berry email. If you have additional questions related to the form or the process, please contact


If students return to campus without prior approval, their information will be referred to the Residence Life staff. Residence Life staff will follow-up with students individually and determine if the case should be referred to the student conduct system.

Food Delivery

Students are permitted to use food delivery apps (including door dash, grub hub, and grocery delivery). Deliveries of this type will be directed to the designated parking spaces at the Krannert Center and students will need to meet the delivery driver. The Welcome Center and the Post Office cannot accept these types of deliveries.


On-campus visitation is also restricted for at least the first two weeks of the semester, so visitors to campus will not be permitted to enter campus through the Welcome Center.

During opening, students are permitted to have up to two guests that can assist with move back to campus. We ask that these guests limit their time on campus to a 2-hour window.

Residence hall visitation is also restricted for the first week of the semester. Students may not visit each other inside residence hall rooms.

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