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Updated August 17, 2020

Screening at the Welcome Center / Entrance Gate

Commuting students and employees:
Daily access to campus will include a temperature scan. All students and employees must also complete a daily symptom checklist using the Medicat portal before entering campus.  

If a concern is raised during the screening process, commuting students and employees will be restricted from campus and directed to the appropriate health care resource. Students will be referred to the Berry Health Center.

Residential students and employees:
All students and employees must record a daily temperature reading and complete a symptom checklist using the Medicat portal before leaving their place of residence. (As needed, we may also check temperatures at various locations on campus.)

If a temperature or symptom is observed during this process, residential students must contact the Berry Health Center before leaving their room. Residential employees must contact their health care provider before leaving their residence.


Testing will be coordinated for students as deemed necessary by the team at the Berry Health Center.  That includes students who show symptoms associated with COVID or those who have had sustained direct contact with someone who tests positive.  

The college may also engage in occasional testing more generally depending on the local level of risk, the need to gauge prevalence on campus, or needs associated with certain activities (e.g., off-campus travel, athletic competition, off-campus employment).  

The college will have access to PCR testing as well as rapid antigen testing and will continue to review new methods as they become available in coming months.

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