All Sport Champion award

The All Sport Intramural Champion Award is awarded to the top women’s and men’s group through the academic year based on points earned from each sport or event offered.

Groups can include residence hall teams, student organizations or independent teams. The members must be students. Your group affiliation name must remain the same for each sport or event to count towards the All Sport Champion Award. Example: If your group name is VIKINGS you must register all teams under the name VIKINGS. For tournaments or to register in multiple divisions teams may be registered as VIKINGS – John Smith or VIKINGS – B Team to create distinction between teams. For co-ed teams, both team names will need to be included for both the women’s and men’s group to receive credit. Groups will be limited in team sports to one team per league per sport. Team tournaments, single or doubles teams will be limited to four teams per sport; this includes combined co-ed teams. If there are more than four teams that compete, the top finishing teams will be used calculating the points awarded.

Award: The men’s and women’s winner of the All Sport Champion Award will be recognized at the end of the academic year. Team names will be added to the banner hanging in the MAC Gym and go down in Berry Intramural History. See the Intramural Handbook for the scoring criteria.