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Making the Most of Your Kindermusik Experience

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New teachers, new friends, and new music: sometimes it takes several weeks for children to feel comfortable in their new surroundings. What can you do to make it the best experience?

  • Be on time for class. I realize parking can be an issue. After 5 pm you can park in any lot!
  • Leave toys and food at home or in the car.
  • Be patient and encouraging. 
  • Think, say: how many ways can the sticks, move high, move low, wave our hand, etc. Your suggestion, then they get an idea of their own, this is called scaffolding!
  • Have fun in class, and your child will follow your lead.
  • Some children are observers.  The class is where they soak it in, and then later it comes pouring out!
  • Unless you are expecting an important call, turn your phone off when you come to class.
  • Focus on your child during class, and save conversation with grown-ups for later.
  • Play the music at home and in the car.  
  • Incorporate activities from class into your daily routine. Your family activity book or card has lots of ways to do this.

Remember all children are different, and your child may not participate the same as others. Your child may wander or just observe, but they are absorbing the atmosphere and are learning. 
You may need to stand up with your child, while others are sitting. You may need to find a new way to rock or move. Find a way to participate with your child.

For those with children in Level 3, Imagine That, you may notice that they respond differently when you come for sharing time. This is part of being an independent learner. Try not to judge your child. Do correct disruptive behavior that is inappropriate such as loud talking, angry outbursts or struggling with a sibling who enters. Once class is over, tell the child what you enjoyed about being in class with them. Put the accent on the positive that you want to see repeated.

If you miss a class you are welcome to make it up on another day/time. Unfortunately, some classes don't have that option...especially the evening classes. It would be helpful if you could email about making up a class, just so we know you are coming. It is not imperative but encouraged.

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