Donor Spotlight: Cathy Robinson Wiley (01C)

Donor Spotlight: Cathy Wiley

Who she is:

  • Married to Cmdr. Will Wiley, a U.S. Navy submarine officer; the high school sweethearts were married her senior year at Berry and have been stationed up and down both U.S. coasts over the last 16 years
  • Mother of Grace (11) and Claire (9)
  • Berry broad-field social science major who taught high school social studies before becoming a stay-at-home mom
  • Active volunteer in her community of military families, particularly in support of college scholarships for the children of current and past submariners through the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation and aid to service members/families facing crisis or hardship through the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

What she supports:

  • Annual giving

Why she gives:

“I want all the kids at Berry to enjoy their experience to the fullest the way I did. Surely there was an alum donating to Berry while I was there, contributing his or her small part to ensure that I was having the best possible experience. It is a matter of paying it forward. I am motivated to give when I think of the good times I had at Berry and the good memories students are making there now. I also feel excited about all the ways I’ve seen Berry grow and change through the years. I am happy to do my small part in order to see the school continue to reach new heights."

On Berry:

“I think the best thing I got from Berry was a safe place to learn and grow up. I learned in my classes, and I learned about life. I didn’t always get it right, and sometimes I look back and laugh at myself, but I was given the opportunity to try new things and learn who I wanted to be when I grew up at a school where I was cared for by faculty, staff and students.”