Berry Heritage Society

The Berry Heritage Society

The Berry Heritage Society honors those alumni and friends who believe in the value of a Berry education and have made provisions in their will or estate plan to help ensure Berry's future. The Bequests list includes estates from which distributions were received in 2016-17. While we miss those we have lost, we are pleased to honor their wishes – and their legacies – by putting their generosity to work for Berry students.


Mable Emily Cox
Helen S. Drummond
Mr. David E. "Pete" Gordon
Margaret G. Kincaid
Pauline B. Pickens
Keith Albert Slayton
Louise M. Smith
Virginia R. Webb
Edith Wyatt

Heritage Society Members

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Adams
Mr. Edward L. Addison
Helen Jessup Albanese
Mr. Jacob Clifton Albritton
Mrs. Pat Alderman
Mr. and Mrs. H. Inman Allen
Mrs. Katherine B. Atha
Mr. Glen Barber
Mr. Frank Barron Jr.
Mr. Rayford W. Barton
Mrs. Jennifer Tucker Beard
Dr. David Beebe
Mrs. Cecilia Lynch Bercher
Mr. and Mrs. D. Randolph Berry
Mr. Tom Berry III
Mrs. Tica Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Reed Biggers
Mr. Avys Billue
John E. Bishop
Mrs. Patricia A. Blaga
Mrs. Tamara S. Bowman
William (Bill) C. Bradford
Mr. Russell K. Bradley
Dr. Katherine Sparks Breithaupt
Mr. and Mrs. M. Scott Breithaupt
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Brewer
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Briggs
Deborah Rivituso Brilling
Kevin and Katy Moore Brodrick
Dr. Horace D. Brown
Mr. T. Mack Brown
Mr. Leon M. Bryan
Mr. D. E. Bullington
Julie A. Bumpus
Carol Winfrey Burnette
Steven J. Cage
Patrick J. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Chambers
Ms. LaVonne Aspinwall Childers
Alton H. and Rebecca B. Christopher
David Clark
Mr. and Mrs. G. Bert Clark Jr.
Jean Clark
Kathy Clements
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn H. Clonts
Drs. Scott and Christine Colley
Miss Betty Sue Cook
John and Sandra Midkiff Cooper
Amy Cornelius
Mr. and Mrs. W. Glenn Cornell
Mrs. Elsie Jo Coughran
Wendy E. Dahlgren
Dr. Thomas E. Dasher
Bill and Donna Davin
Jimmy and Margaret Wright Davis
Mrs. Sue King
Mrs. Joann Hunter Del Re
Ms. Tina Stancil DeNicole
Mr. John F. Denney
Mr. Earl H. DeVane
Ms. Angela R. Dickey
Dr. Jennifer W. Dickey
Dr. Ouida Word Dickey
Mr. Chester W. Diercks Jr.
Ms. Lisa Beth Diercks
Mrs. Virginia Paese Douglass
Doug and Maureen Draut
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Druckenmiller
Dr. C. Warren Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Randall A. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. J. Mitchell Elrod Jr.
Ms. Debbie K. Emory
Mr. and Mrs. Edward England Jr.
Mr. William R. Enloe
Mr. Russell M. Evans
Janett Cofer Fauley
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn B. Ferguson
Dr. J. Paul Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Ferguson
Mr. R. Jeffrey Field
Ms. Beverley Ann Finch
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar W. Fite
Dr. and Mrs. David Fite
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Fite
Robert and Maria Fong
Dr. Bob Frank
Mrs. Faye H. Fron
Mrs. Joan F. Fulghum
Mrs. Frieda C. Fulmer
Dr. Ceasar M. "Butch" Garcia III
Francy Geiger
Mrs. Virginia M. George
Mrs. Gail Howard Gibson
Ed and Gayle Gmyrek
Justo and Catherine Gonzalez
Ondina S. Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Goodwin
Mr. and Mrs. J. Barry Griswell
Mr. Ellis Franklin Hall III
Mrs. Frances Saus Hall
Mr. Garland Hall
John Alexander Hall
Mrs. Yvonne Linker Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Hanthorn
Ronald and Natholyn Dalton Harris
Ms. Susan Elizabeth Haymore
Debbie and Steve Heida
Heather Henderson
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Heneisen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Donald Henry
Mrs. Holly Low Hodge
Ms. Marie Ann Hogan
Ms. Kelly C. Holloway
Mrs. H. Earl Hoover
Jeffrey D. Horn
Ms. Karen Holley Horrell
Mr. Timothy R. Howard
Drs. William R. and Sara L. Hoyt
Mr. Peter H. Hufstader
Mrs. Betty Swearingen Hurdle
Kraig and Kathy Ingalsbe
Mrs. Emily Thomason Ingram
Lauren Griner Isom
Mr. Joseph Michael James
Mr. and Mrs. Bart Jenkins
Dr. Christine J. Jennings
Mrs. Joy Padgett Johnson
Dale and Hanna Jones
Mr. and Mrs. H. I. "Ish" Jones
Dean J. Donald Jones
Justin Christopher Karch
Dr. Richard Kauffman
James Cecil and Sallie Moore Keith
John C. Kemp and Linda D. Kelso
Ms. Suzanne R. Killcreas
Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Kilpatrick Sr.
Dr. Timothy W. Knowlton
Mark and Holly Kozera
Mr. and Mrs. W. Edmond Laird
Mrs. Nancy McKinnon Lamontagne
Mrs. Lee Jones Lance
Mrs. Helen Wright Lansing
David G. Lewis
John Lie-Nielsen
Charlene Head Lingerfelt
Ms. Valerie J. Loner
Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Lusby III
Mr. Owen Malcolm and Mrs. Tina Campbell Malcolm
Dr. R. Phil and Charlotte Malone
Dr. Catherine Ann Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Massey
Ms. Jeanne Elizabeth Mathews
Danielle F. McCollum
Barbara and Buzz McCoy
Dr. and Mrs. Tommy R. McDearis
Jacqueline Macy McDowell
Mr. Jason and Mrs. Renee McMillan
Dr. Kyoko LeAnn Yoda
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Clayton Medley
Dr. Clyde C. Medlock Jr.
Mrs. Kimberly Terrell Melton
Mr. Fred H. Mercer, Jr.
Mr. Araya Mesfin
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mew III
Typhnes Fish Midkiff and Donald R. Midkiff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Milam Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Morrison Lee Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Miller
Mr. Roy N. Miller
Kermit T. and Joyce B. Mock
Mrs. Audrey B. Morgan
Ms. Maureen K. Morgan
Mrs. Mary I. Nadassy
Chad Nash
Mr. and Mrs. W. Scott Neal
Mr. Basil Bernard Nichols
Mrs. Rose T. Nix
Ms. Bettyann M. O'Neill
Mrs. Celeste Greene Osborn
Dr. Mary Elizabeth Outlaw
Jeff Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. Sunny Park
Dr. Lloyd R. Parker Jr.
Mary Camp Patrick
Mrs. Barbara Glass Patton
Mrs. James L. Paul Jr.
Martha Sheats Perkins
Dr. Stanley R. Pethel
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Plants
Kathy Pollard
Mr. John W. Powell Sr.
Don C. Pratt
Mr. Robert Daniel Price
Ms. Anita L. Tancraitor
Dr. Chang Pu
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Purser
Ms. Lee Anne George
Mrs. Kathleen Robinson Ray
Ms. Deborah L. Reis
Mrs. Angela P. Reynolds
Dr. Kathy Brittain Richardson
Ms. Frances Richey
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Kristen Riley
Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Roberts
Brad and Rebecca Roberts
Ms. Barbara S. Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Roseen
Mr. David Anthony Rowland
Mrs. Doris Rowland
Dr. Melvin Rozar
Mrs. Susan Shreve Rudolph
Mr. Scott Wayne and Mrs. Rosie Hoagland Russell
Mr. Darwin H. Samples
Suzanne and Leamon Scott
Larry (65C) and Jerry Sculley
Mrs. Jean Hames Sellers
Mr. Jerry W. Shelton
Charles Raiden Sherman
Mrs. Judith Muschamp Silvey
David and Alyson Slade
Ms. Carolyn T. Smith
Casey and Angela Smith
Mrs. Hal Smith
Ms. Pamela R. Smith
Ann Saywell Spears
Stacey Jones Spillers
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard M. Spooner
Mr. and Mrs. B. Alan Storey
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Reginald E. Strickland
Denise Sumner
Jason C. and Melinda M. Sweatt
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Tankersley
Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Taylor
Fred J. Tharpe
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Thompson
Ms. Rachel Amanda Tidwell
Mr. Charles E. Trotter
Sharman Elaine Turner
Dr. Roger Clinton Tutterow
Dr. and Mrs. Dara Wakefield
Dr. and Mrs. Joe Walstad
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Walton Sr.
Dr. and Mrs. Gary A. Waters
James H. Watkins
C. Christina Watters
James B. Way (52C, FFS)
Larry and Pat Webb
Mr. Sheridan H. Wedow, Jr.
Mr. Boyd A. Wells
Lenard and Joy Bernice Ogle Whaley
Dr. and Mrs. Philip D. Whanger
Mr. Alexander W. Whitaker IV
Mr. Michael David Williams
Mrs. Roberta Scott Williford
Mr. and Mrs. Haron W. Wise
Mr. Ricky Waine Woodall
Ms. Mary Johnson Wooton
Mr. Darryl L. Worth
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Wright III
Mrs. Estelle Smith Wright