Martha Berry Society

Martha Berry Society

Membership in the Martha Berry Society honors those alumni and friends who have supported Berry students with gifts of $1,000 and above during the past year. Members are divided into the following categories:

Pilgrim Society – $25,000 and above
Founder's Associates – $10,000 to $24,999
Oak Hill Associates – $1,000 to $9,999

Pilgrim Society

Robert and Betty Anne Rouse (52H, 56C) Bell◊
Mr. and Mrs. D. Randolph Berry◊***
Billy (58C) and Carol Buchanan (56H, 58c) Blair
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Briggs◊***
Steve Cage (74C)◊***
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Cannestra
Al (61c) and Becky Browning (61C) Christopher◊***
Bert (82C) and Catherine Clark◊***
Ouida Word Dickey (50C)◊***
Mr. and Mrs. Chester W. Diercks Jr.◊
John (83C) and Elizabeth Webb (84C) Eadie***
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Barbara Gaby
Barry (71C) and Michele Irwin (70C) Griswell◊***
Peter (53H, 57C) and Emmaline Beard (55H, 58C) Henriksen◊***
Jim (85C) and Jennifer Smith (85C) Johnson***
Mrs. Virginia Kelley
Lee Jones Lance (53C)◊***
Roger (79C) and Candy Caudill (82c) Lusby◊***
Buzz and Barbara Mote (61C) McCoy◊***
Mrs. Audrey B. Morgan◊***
Mr. Harry S. Pierce Jr.
Mr. John Edward Sims
Reg (51C) and Maxine Strickland◊***
Michelle and Steve Tart
Mr. John H. Terry Jr.
The late Virginia Webb (44c)
Bob (62H) and Kay Williams***
Buster (73C) and Janice Wright◊***

Founder's Associates

Dr. and Mrs. W. Patrick Adams
Mr. and Mrs. H. Inman Allen◊**
Mr. Clinton G. Ames Jr.
Kevin (99C) and Katy Moore (99C) Brodrick◊
Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn D. Bryson
Mrs. N. Gordon Carper***
Larry (69C) and Nadine NeSmith (71c) Covington**
Beth Collins Earnst (93C)***
Mitch (37H, 41C) and Cleone Elrod◊
Ed (57C) and Evelyn Quarles (57C) England◊***
Mrs. Angi Evert
Will Gaines (93C)***
Walter Gill (63C)***
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford C. Gooch**
Darrell (81c) and Sharon A. Gunby
Greg (82C) and Judy Cash (85C) Hanthorn◊***
Debbie and Steve Heida◊***
LeBron (60C) and Kay Davis (60C) Holden**
Dr. and Mrs. Trevor Norris Hooper
Mr. Jimmie Johnson Sr.
Dale Jones (71C)◊***
Riley Mangum (61H)
Joe Mareno (99C)
Mr. Mackey James McDonald
Jason (98C) and Renee Spurlock (97C) McMillan◊**
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Melson
Jim (90C) and Sandi Thomas (90C) Moody**
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Musser***
Ms. Bettyann O'Neill◊*** and Mr. Kenton J. Sicchitano**
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Owens
Marti Sheats Perkins (67C)◊**
Malcolm (58C) and Yvonne Jackson (59C) Quick***
Brent (88C) and Georgia Ragsdale
Joe (65C) and Nelda Parrish (64C) Ragsdale***
Drs. Robert R. and Kathy B. Richardson◊***
Jackie Bradley Scott (83C)**
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas I. Slocum***
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Stokely III***
Denise Sumner (89C)◊**
Steve and Lisa Fanto (76C) Swain***
Randy Tibbals (79C)***
Roger Tutterow (84C)◊**
Chuck Yarbrough (80C)**

Oak Hill Associates

James (84C) and Terri Beam (80c) Aaron
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Ackerman
Frank (54H, 58C) and Kathy Adams◊***
Tom (85C) and Kim Evans (84C) Adams***
Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Adcock III
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Scott Aiken
Mr. and Mrs. William James Albertson
Mrs. Pat Alderman◊**
Brad (96C) and Nicole Alexander**
David (84C) and Kelly Asbury
Mrs. Dale Matthews Ash**
Mark Aubel (81C)
Lynn Austin (77C)
Hazel Weaver Bagwell (58C)**
Mr. Frank Barron Jr.◊***
Ray Barton (77C)◊***
Ms. Betty Bearden
Mark Beaver (97C)***
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Edward Bedoian
Jimmy (60C) and Luci Hill (60C) Bell
Reed (77A, 82C) and Shannon Walburn (81C) Biggers◊***
Joe Bihlmier (91C)***
Jane Jones Block (86C)***
Mr. Richard Owen Bollam**
Sheryle Bolton (68c)***
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Ashe Bonnyman
Tom (55H) and Martha Wyatt (55H, 59C) Bowen***
Rusty Bradley (71C)◊**
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Bradshaw
Andrew and Jennifer Rice (07G) Bressette
Dr. Gary W. Breton
Mr. Ronald Bridgman
Brian (97C) and Susan Wells (97C) Brodrick**
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Edward Brogdon
Horace Brown (39C)◊***
Niel Brown (90C)
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Keith Browning
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Bullock
Jerry Bullock (66A)
Ms. Rebecca Burleigh
Carol Winfrey Burnette (64C)◊
Dr. and Mrs. Brandon Dubose Bushnell**
James (65C) and Susie Cook (65C) Campbell
Ms. Katherine G. Campbell
Wayne (61C) and Madeline Banks (63c) Canady**
The late Cecil Carney (66c)
Vivian Slappy Carney (61C)
Doug (83C) and Sabrina Vail (84C) Carter**
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Carver***
Mao Castro (04C)
Mark and Amy Turner (05C) Cathy
Jeff Cavender (90C)
Susan Chambers (77C)
Harlan (58C) and Doris Reynolds (57C) Chapman***
Aaron (15C) and Lizzie Hendrix (15C) Chastain
Mr. William Ching
Leslie Choitz (76C)***
Randall (67C) and Margaret Cochran (68c) Clark
David Clark (85c)◊
Jean Etherton Clark (70C, 74G)◊**
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Clark
Paul Clark (88G)***
Thomas (10C, 13G) and Jacque Smith (10C) Clarke**
Ms. Janet W. Colbert
John (04C) and Jackie Feit (05c) Coleman***
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Collins
Erin Compton (04C)
Dr. and Mrs. D. Bruce Conn
Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Connors Sr.
Michael Contreras (76C)
Betty Sue Cook (48C)◊***
Joe (88C) and Leanne Hand (87C) Cook**
Lewis Copeland (60C)***
Glenn (62C) and Jena Cornell◊***
Dr. William L. Cousins
Dwight Craig (84C)
Mike (92C) and Margaret Crego***
Eloise Cooper Crowder (43C)
Toni Norris Dasher (91C)
Joan Wilder Davis (66C)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel DeKeizer
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Delk
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Dellinger
Mr. and Mrs. Kris Allen DenBesten
Angela Dickey (75A, 79C)◊***
Mr. Bradford R. Dinsmore
Tommy (78C) and Kelley Dopson***
Calvin Doss (49C)***
Jamie (79C) and Tracy McElyea (98G) Doss
Naomi Douglas (61C)
Charles Downey (64A)***
Ms. Nancy Duggar
Kay Davis Dunn (57C)**
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Laurence Ebert
Andreas (97C) and Amy Fields (97C) Economopoulos
Ron (56H) and Robbie Barber (56H) Edwards***
Scott Edwards (70C)***
Leon Elder (54C)***
Peggie Hicks Ellington (66C)
Ms. Susan Wood Ellis
Charlie Elrod (86C)
David Elswick (90C)**
Russ Evans (56C)◊***
Glenn (71C) and Pam Priest (71C) Ferguson◊***
Dr. J. Paul Ferguson◊***
Ray Fewell (58C)***
Jeff (81C) and Carol Field◊***
Mr. Stephen Finn
Jim (65C) and Lottie Snow (65C) Finney**
Ms. Celia Denise Fisher
Kelly (65C) and Marian Loadholtz (65C) Fite
Lamar Fletcher (66A)**
Dr. Barbara Lee Ford
Caleb Ford (18c)
Mrs. Elaine Sexton Foster***
Dr. Robert L. Frank◊***
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Frazier Jr.**
John (72C) and Gail Saunders (72C) Frazier***
Sammy (77C) and Holly Wood (73C) Freeman***
Mrs. Joan F. Fulghum◊
Bobby Walker Fulmer (56C)***
Stewart Fuqua (80A)***
Dr. J. Kay Gardner***
Ms. Pamela J. Gardner
Dale (79C) and Karen Burton (79C) Garner
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Mark Garrison
Loyd Gass (60C)**
Mack Gay (59C)
Gail Howard Gibson (82C)◊
Leigh Ann Watkins Gibson (88C)
Rick (77c) and Debra (76C) Gilbert
Dwight Glover (84C)
Gayle Graviett Gmyrek (67C)◊***
Chris Goeckel (84c)
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Alan Goforth
Mrs. Ondina Santos Gonzalez◊***
Cliff Gray (55H)**
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L Green
Mr. John Thompson Green and Mrs. Elizabeth Green McElaney
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Green
Vince Griffith (81C)***
Matt (02C) and Kelly Daly (03C) Grisham
Todd (88C) and Amber Pruitt (89C) Grubbs**
Yondi Linker Hall (80C)◊***
Evelyn Hamilton (68C)**
Jacque Terrill Harbison (65C)***
Mr. and Mrs. T. Randy Hardin**
Jennifer Harris (93C)
Mrs. Janice Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Harvey***
Bob (67C) and Wylene Vickers (67C) Hayes**
Jean Miller Hedden (52C)***
Heather Henderson (03C)◊***
Don (65c) and Hiawatha Banks (63C) Henry◊***
Mr. Jeffrey F. Hetsko***
Mr. Lyons J. Heyman
Ms. Deborah Hill
Julia Scott Holcombe (93C)
Bill (67C) and Diane Harris (66c) Holden
Mr. Howell Hollis III**
Faye Lovinggood Hood (65C)***
Jeffrey Horn (87C)◊***
Karen Holley Horrell (74C)◊***
Charlie Hudson (62C)***
Barbara Ballanger Hughes (71C)***
Justin (06C) and Gabby Lester (06C) Hukill
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Hunt
Steve Hunter (83C)***
Chris Hyer (95C)
Dr. Joseph and Karen Iobst
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Anderson Jackson Jr.
Tommy (85C) and Ann Jackson**
Jeff (07C) and Amber Cole (08C) Jahn
Travis James (97C)***
Dr. Gerald D. Jennings***
Buford Jennings (58C)***
Gene Johnson (54C)***
Janna Johnson (81C)***
Joy Padgett Johnson (73C)◊***
Norris Johnson (67C)
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace W. Johnson
Walt Johnson (41H)***
Will (99C) and Lauren Shipp (99C) Kallbreier
Mark (82C) and Judy Howard (82C) Keappler***
Steve (63C) and Nancy Harkness (62C) Kelly
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Davidson Kennedy***
Mr. James Kilgore
Walter (95C) and Malinda Perritt (94C) King
Augustus H. King Revocable Trust
Mark (79C) and Holly Kozera◊***
Andy Lansford (04C)
Dennis (79C) and Jane Williams (80c) Latimer
Hart Levy (82C)
Ms. Mary S. Lewis
John (54H) and Debra Lie-Nielsen◊
Gladys Harrell Lindsey (50C)
Terry (68C) and Charlene Head (67C) Lingerfelt◊***
Ms. Nancy Thames Lippard***
Lowell (60C) and Dee Hysinger (60C) Loadholtz***
Judy Longshore (67C)
Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Lowden Sr.
Robbie Panter Luedke (63C)**
Tim Lusby (84C)
Betty Brown Madden (58C)
Fred (55C) and Pat Brooks (59C) Maddox
Mr. Ross A. Magoulas***
Ms. Mary Ann Mahoney
Latha Coleman Maine (59C)***
Greg (91C, 05G) and Michelle Beavin (90C, 01G) Major
Phil (68C) and Charlotte Lee (71C) Malone◊**
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Christopher Mann
Scott Markle (92C)
Lester Martens (86C)**
Wesley (63C) and Ruth King (65C) Martin***
Rufus (75C) and Mary Anne Schimmelmann (75c) Massey◊***
Doyle (58C) and Rheba Burch (57C) Mathis***
Horton (63H, 67C) and Lynette Moore (67C) McCurdy***
Sandy Koedyker McDaniel (67C)
Martin (54C) and Barbara Camp (55C) McElyea***
Valerie Scott McFry (90C)
Diane Andrews McMains (63C)
Gene (65C) and Sandra Dickerson (66C) McNease**
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. McPeake
Matt (99C) and Heather Harper (04C) Medley◊***
Dr. Sandra L. Meek***
Araya Mesfin (98C)◊
Donald (57C) and Typhnes Fish (57C) Midkiff◊
Michael Dauphin and Lisa (83C) Miller
Richard and Laura Barbarito (81C) Miller◊
Roy Miller (58C)◊**
Mr. Amos Montgomery Jr.
Mr. Victor D. Moore
Emily Hoppman Moothart (89C)
Mark Moraitakis (91C)
Dr. and Mrs. John Mabry Morgan
Charles and Virginia Greene (52H) Mosby***
Tom Mullis (57C)**
Mrs. Mary I. Nadassy◊
Anne Cook Neal (52C)***
Mr. and Mrs. W. Scott Neal◊***
Mr. Chancellor New
Rich Newell (89C)**
Eileen Wages Newman (67C)**
Mary Finley Niedrach (75A, 97G)
Larry Osborn (63C)***
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas T. Owens
Dean (57C) and Clo Clark (57C) Owens
Mrs. Joanne Owens
Britt Ozburn (08C)
Mr. and Mrs. Horace W. Palmer Jr.
Ellen May Partridge (57C)***
Mr. and Mrs. Kamlesh J. Patel
Mary Camp Patrick (69C)◊***
J. M. (60C) and Nona Sparks (58C) Patterson**
Bill Pence (76C)**
Derrick (06C) and Lindsay Williams (06C) Perkins***
Johnny Phillips (69C)
Mark Piecoro (90C)**
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Piller
Ms. Kathy Pollard◊
Tim (88C) and Niki Markham (88C) Pollock
Mr. Neal Q. Pope Jr.**
John Powell (58H)◊***
Mr. Dan and Mrs. Kelley Poydence**
Danny (87C) and Tammi Ridenhour (87C, 03G) Price◊***
Shelley Stokely Przewrocki (95C)
Eric Puckett (91C)
Teresa Smith Puckett (75A, 92C)**
Matt Ragan (98C) and Shelly (96C) Driskell-Ragan**
Mr. and Mrs. James Denver Ragland
Dallas (65C) and Judi Reynolds***
Jane Fisher Richard (78C)***
Frances Richey (83A, 87C)◊***
Mr. Jay Ricketts
Steve (85C) and Kristen Riley◊
Tony Rivers (78C)***
Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Roberts◊
Dr. Vanice Elene Roberts**
Barbara Robertson (79C)◊***
Ralph Rodgers (65C)
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Clayton Rose
Bill (78C) and Lenora Roseen◊***
Denise Dooley Rowland (82C)
Mrs. Doris Rowland◊**
W. C. (60C) and Sylvia Davis (60C) Rowland***
Melvin Rozar (57C)◊
Kellie Ruse (83C)
Bobbie Brown Sanders (53C)**
The late Marion Sanders (53C)**
Mary Sattari (95C)
Marlene Schneider (49H)**
Larry (55C) and Dixie W. Schoolar***
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Schoppy
Larry (65C) and Jerry Sculley◊***
Mrs. Anna Shackelford**
John Shahan (64A, 69C)***
The late Dewitt Sheffield (54c)
Jean Mitchell Sheffield (54C)
Jerry Shelton (58C)◊***
Jason (00C) and Ashley Harp (01C) Sheppard**
Bret Simon (82G)
Dr. Chaitram Singh***
Robert and Vicky Wood (87G) Skelton
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Smith
Ann Saywell Spears (67C)◊***
Dr. and Mrs. Sam I. Spector**
Ms. Roxanne H. Spillett
Mr. and Mrs. Christoph Rudolf Spohner
Andrea Boyd Stanley (67C)***
Sharlene Kinser Stephens (57C)**
Kendall Stewart (72C)***
Mike (90C) and Kim Lunney (90C) Strickland
Roy (57C) and Ileen Mobley (57C) Stuart
Lem (63C) and Gayle Miller (64C) Sumner***
Jason (88C) and Melinda Mitchell (90C) Sweatt◊
C. L. (57C) and Doris Little (57C) Tate***
Mark Tate (82C)***
Stanley (65C) and Lora Stubbs (65C) Tate**
Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Taylor◊**
Fred Tharpe (68A)◊***
Michael (87C) and Elizabeth Thompson◊***
Bill (68C) and Avis Cordle (57C) Thornton**
Ron (61C) and Bernice Thornton***
Michael Tidwell (98C)
Mandy Tidwell (93C)◊***
Mildred Campbell Tietjen (61C)
Earl Tillman (52H)
Susan Timberlake (66C)
Billy (62H, 66C) and Marvalee Lord (65C) Townsend***
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Patrick Truluck
Ray Tucker (69C)***
Mr. Charles W. Tuttle
Charlie (53H, 57C) and Hazel Guthrie (59c) Underwood***
Mr. and Mrs. T. Randy Urquhart
Mr. and Mrs. John Valek
Jim Van Meerten (70C)**
Pete (60C) and Janelle Brumbelow (56H, 60C) Vincent***
George (55C) and Barbara Calhoun (55C) Wade***
Caleb (04C) and Amy Gerwig (03C) Walker
Gene Wallace (51C)**
Dr. and Mrs. Joe Walstad◊***
Bill (54C) and Janet Tate (55C) Waters***
Gary (80C, 89G) and Bambi Estill (79c) Waters◊***
Charlie (57C) and Keitha Davis (58C) Weatherford***
Mr. and Mrs. David Lamar Weaver
Larry Webb (63C)◊***
Holly Brown West (88C)
Sidney (60C) and Nancy Harris (61C) Wheeler
Steve (80C) and Cindy Snead (80C) Wherry**
Whit (81C) and Maria Crego (85c) Whitaker◊***
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Williamson
Len (70C) and Marty Willingham
Pait Willis (57H)***
Frank Windham (57c)***
Mrs. Kathryn M. Wingo***
Jerry (56H, 60c) and Louise Conaway (57C) Winton***
David (68A, 72C) and Alta Breeden (70C) Wood***
Alan (64A) and Leanne Killin (69c) Woody***
Earl Worthington (52C)**
Will Wright (01c)
Curt and Mary Martin (71c) Yarbrough
Koji (65C) and Reba Nichols (67C) Yoda***
Mr. John S. Yow
Mr. Richard Yow**