A Message from Campaign Leadership

Opportunity has always been Berry's pledge to hardworking students, and that opportunity has produced tremendous results. The experience of a Berry education has changed lives; the character of a Berry education has changed communities.

Through the LifeReady Campaign, we are both renewing and expanding Berry's historic commitment to creating opportunity. With the assistance of many, we already have increased access to a Berry education through more than $50 million in commitments for scholarships, including 151 Gate of Opportunity Scholarships that make it possible for students to work their way through college and graduate debt-free.  We also have provided inspiring new facilities for the sciences, arts and athletics and further capitalized on our ongoing commitment to firsthand learning experiences. With additional support, we will build strength in four remaining areas that deserve special attention.  

Those who know Berry love and respect it. Through this campaign, new friends are being introduced. When you choose to invest in Berry College, you will be investing in the lives of the talented students who seek the character of a Berry education and in their full potential to impact their world. You also will be investing in Berry's potential to serve as a model for other institutions of higher learning seeking the way forward in helping their students become LifeReady.

We invite you to explore this website, review our priorities and determine how best you can help.

LifeReady Campaign Committee