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Message from the President

Stephen BriggsIt is my privilege to announce that LifeReady: The Berry College Campaign for Opportunity has surpassed $100 million in gifts and pledges. We are deeply grateful for this outpouring of support from alumni, parents, faculty/staff and friends.  But the aim of this campaign has never been a specific dollar goal; rather, the emphasis is on funding projects critical to the Berry mission as identified in our strategic and master plans. 

Much has been achieved already (see the brief summary below). Still, four important priorities await completion before we can join together to celebrate the full range of opportunities put in place for the next generation of Berry students. These projects and their estimated remaining needs are:

Martha Berry once said, “When I can no longer work for Berry, the alumni and friends will continue the work.”  She believed firmly that support for Berry’s deserving students is an investment in our nation’s most important natural resource.  A century later, we affirm that an education of the head, heart and hands is both time-tested and timely. We embrace her vision as we provide hardworking students unmatched opportunity and an unrivaled education – the kind of education that makes communities better and changes lives forever.

Thank you for your friendship and support in helping Berry students become LifeReady. Please contact Scott Breithaupt (91C, 96G) at sbreithaupt@berry.edu  or 706-238-5897 to learn how you can support these projects. 

Sincerely yours,
Steve Briggs


  • Expanded opportunity for students to invest in their own success through more than $50 million in commitments for scholarships, including 151 Gate of Opportunity Scholarships that make it possible for hard-working students to graduate debt-free.
  • Encouraged great student performance and achievement through inspiring new spaces for the sciences, arts and athletics, including Valhalla stadium, a new theatre, a nursing-education suite and the Animal Science Laboratory at Rollins.
  • Provided a more secure and welcoming entrance for our one-of-a-kind campus.
  • Capitalized on Berry’s historic strengths in developing leaders and entrepreneurs through new mentoring programs, notable speakers, internships, work opportunities and other firsthand student experiences.
  • Generated $14.4 million in support for today’s students through annual giving, including $6.8 million in scholarship support included in the first bullet.