Will Planning

On average, a person spends more than 40 years accumulating assets and 10 years conserving what has been earned. Unfortunately, most people don't even spend a fraction of that time planning for the disbursement of those assets after death. The chaos that often occurs as a result can be burdensome to family members. This burden can be eased through the implementation of an estate plan, the basis of which is a will.

A Guide to Planning Your Will and Trust

A Guide to Planning Your Will and Trust is designed to encourage you to think about how you want your assets to be distributed and assist you in gathering the information your attorney will need to help you accomplish your goals. Click the link to download a copy.


What is it about the preparation of one’s personal wishes – what the last will and testament really is – that Americans avoid in such resounding numbers? Voice of a Legacy, Will Your Will Be Known? and The Future is What You Make of It are three publications that will help take the mystery out of the process. Click the links to download.

Sample Bequest Language

If you are thinking of leaving a bequest for Berry in your will but don't know where to begin, we can help. Simply click this link to access sample bequest language for a variety of needs.

If We Had Only Known

Berry recently received a surprise bequest of $10,000 from the estate of a woman we had never thanked. Of course, we appreciated the gift immensely. Designated for scholarships, it will certainly help us accomplish our mission. But we feel somewhat cheated because we never had the opportunity to express our gratitude to this gracious and generous person. We were unable to let her know how much her gift would mean. For this reason and others, we encourage alumni and friends to let us know when they include Berry in their estate plans. The Berry Heritage Society was established to recognize such generosity. Members receive updates and invitations to select events throughout the year.

Have you named Berry in your estate plan? If so, please contact Helen Lansing at hlansing@berry.edu or 877-461-0039 (toll free). Thank you!