What Our Alumni Say

Dr. Alison-Crane

“My time at Berry was invaluable to my graduate program and leading me to my future career. Looking back at my time there, the most meaningful experiences at Berry came in my work outside of class.

“I worked as many hours as I could on campus at as many jobs as I could, all because I loved it. I loved learning something new every time I walked into a barn or walked up beside a chute. Every day there was a new crisis or task that needed to be tackled, and our supervisors did not just go take care of it themselves – they took us with them and helped us figure out what to do.

“Berry also helped me because of its varied classes and liberal arts education. While I was lambing out sheep at all hours of the night, I was also attending philosophy and religion classes during the day. You do not realize how invaluable those classroom experiences are until you get out into the real world and realize how many people do not know how to think past themselves. Berry teaches you that. Berry teaches you about service and caring about others. Berry gives you experience. Period.”

Dr. Alison Crane (12C)
Assistant Professor and Meat Goat Extension Specialist, Kansas State University
M.S. Ruminant Nutrition, and Ph.D., Reproductive Physiology, North Dakota State University

Dr. Christina-Petzinger-Germain

“My experiences at Berry helped to build my confidence to pursue becoming a scientist and animal researcher. In graduate school, I was able to switch from the master’s track to the Ph.D. track in part due to my understanding of research design and successful completion of research studies.”

Dr. Christina Petzinger Germain (09C)
Research Nutritionist, Nestle Purina Petcare
Ph.D., Nutrition, Texas A&M University

Dr. Elizabeth-Callahan-Clemmons

“While at Berry, I had the opportunity to conduct a summer research project involving goats and sheep. I presented data from this project at a national scientific meeting. Participating in research while also caring for animal health and welfare was a valuable introduction to what ultimately became the focus of my veterinary career.”

Dr. Elizabeth Callahan Clemmons (08C)
Assistant Veterinarian/Assistant Professor
Southwest National Primate Research Center of Texas Biomedical Research Institute
D.V.M., University of Georgia
Diplomate, American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine

Dr. Meridith Dawson

“The most important part of my Berry experience was the class sizes and hands-on opportunities. Having the chance to palpate cows, vaccinate horses, wrestle sheep and so much more in the first couple of semesters and throughout my undergraduate years was instrumental in engaging my interest in the animal sciences and keeping me on the path toward veterinary school. The encouragement I received from animal science staff to keep working in the on-campus barns and departments and to keep learning outside of class also helped expose me to things that gave me an advantage over many of my veterinary school classmates.”

Dr. Meridith Dawson (06C)
Owner and Founder, Blue Door (Mobile) Veterinary Services, Portland, Ore.
D.V.M., Ohio State University
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Dr. Anya Dziurzynski

“What gave me the best leg up was being involved in the research opportunities Berry provided, as well as working at the dairy. The best, but hardest, part of my educational experience were the advanced courses I took in the department; the physiology course, in particular, mimicked many aspects of several courses I took in my first year of veterinary school.”

Dr. Anya Dziurzynski (11C)
Associate Veterinarian, Preston Royal Animal Clinic, Dallas, Texas
D.V.M, Auburn University

Dr. Sean Adams

“My animal science classes and professors were great. I worked in Rollins and in an office job. I got to know animals and a lot of down-to-earth, fantastic people. They have such a caring nature and a love for what they do. I also appreciated the environment of fellowship on campus – it had a real hometown feel that I needed. It was perfect for figuring out the answers to life’s questions – to who you are. At Berry, there are lots of people committed to helping you.”

Dr. Sean Adams
Associate Radiologist, Insight Veterinary Ultrasonography of Georgia
D.V.M., Colorado State University
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Dr. Kelly Daly Grisham

“Berry prepared me for vet school. Some other vet students met the entry requirements of having good grades and certain classes, but they didn’t have the hands-on experience in palpating cows, breeding horses, shearing sheep and clipping hooves that we got working with Dr. Martin Goldberg, Dr. George Gallagher and Dr. Judy Wilson. They were great. I learned both in and out of the classroom and have been able to apply those life lessons to daily events. I feel blessed to have experienced college at Berry and met the people that I did.”

Dr. Kelly Daly Grisham (03C)
Chief Medical Director, Greenville (S.C.) Humane Society
D.V.M., University of Georgia
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Dr. Ariel M. Robelen

“Without a doubt, the incredible professors gave me a leg up … the vigor of Berry’s animal science program is the reason I had a smooth transition into vet school. I am also extremely grateful for my hands-on learning experiences working at the Gunby Equine Center and riding for the western equestrian team.”

Dr. Ariel M. Robelen (13C)
Associate Veterinarian, Care First Animal Hospital, Raleigh, N.C.
D.V.M., University of Florida