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Animal science building

Animal science, Berry’s largest major, is recognized nationally for its distinctive character and quality. Outstanding facilities are all that remain for the program to truly shine; a new academic “home” for the program will be transformational.

Through the LifeReady Campaign, Berry will invest in a program that has more than tripled in size over the last 10 years, moving it from the aging and undersized Westcott Building into a top-notch science facility. Planned is a 23,000 square-foot building that will feature state-of-the-art teaching labs, technology-enhanced classrooms, and research labs for faculty and student projects.

The building will connect to McAllister Hall science center, facilitating Berry’s growing and distinctive emphasis on “One Health,” which studies the ecosystem factors that connect the well-being of humans, animals and the environment. In conjunction with the recently completed animal science laboratory near the Rollins Ruminant Research Center, this new building will significantly expand capacity for students to participate in research and experience firsthand what they hear in class or read in textbooks. The new building will include:

What's planned:

Estimated 23,000 square-foot structure that connects to the west side of McAllister Hall


  • Two “Technology Enabled Active Learning” classrooms 
  • One lecture-style classroom

      Teaching labs:

      • General animal science bench laboratory
      • Nutrition and physiology bench laboratory
      • Microbiology lab
      • Easy-to-clean “flex lab” for dissection and necropsy

          Research labs:

          • Large shared laboratory for use by all faculty members and their student assistants
          • Three small labs assigned to faculty members as needed for special research projects

              Office spaces:

              • Offices for 10 faculty members, the office manager, and the director of agriculture operations and sustainability
              • Work spaces for 10 or more students

              The facility will also include a common area for interaction among faculty, staff and students.

                Project details and renderings are tentative. Check back often for updates.