Micah Studdard: Farm Manager

Micah Studdard

When Wes Walraven reached out to his Berry contacts seeking a manager for his farm, he expected them to recommend an experienced graduate. Instead, they suggested Micah Studdard (14C), then a senior in the production/management track of the college’s animal science program. Walraven was skeptical, but agreed to interview the young candidate; Micah was hired on the spot.

Leveraging natural mechanical ability and a passion for cattle breeding acquired through his work with Berry’s Angus Beef student enterprise, Micah has led development of the farm property – now covering more than 1,300 acres, with 200 additional acres of leased pasture – and establishment of a herd of 700 fine registered breeding cattle. Making the most of the knowledge and skills he gained at Berry, he personally handles artificial insemination of cattle, vaccinations, and other veterinary care, among his many responsibilities. He maintains regular contact with his Berry mentors and praises the “hands-on” education he received.

“At Berry, you get both the academic learning and the experience,” Micah stated. “So you can go into the workplace with both and start higher.”

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Micah Studdard: Farm Manager

“Micah’s got a very strong work ethic and a strong sense of responsibility. He’s not going to stop working if something critical needs to get done. It’s his work ethic, combined with his sense of ownership and pride in his work, that’s most important. He also knows a lot about a lot of different things.”

Wes Walraven
Co-owner of Lyons Bridge Farm, speaking of the farm manager he hired fresh out of Berry in 2014. Walraven has since hired two other products of Berry’s animal science program, praising them as hardworking, well educated, trustworthy and humble. Pictured from left are Bryson Lamboy (20c), Micah Studdard (14C), Savannah Norman (18C) and Walraven.