Rob Brock: Industry Leader

Rob Brock: Industry Leader

“It’s easy to
make the case for opportunities in agriculture.
I’m glad to see that Berry understands that and is trying to address it.”

Rob Brock didn’t grow up on a farm, but you wouldn’t know it listening to him discuss challenges and opportunities within his industry. For 36 years, he has cultivated a successful career from seeds planted as an animal science/business major at Berry.

“Berry was the perfect storm for a guy who didn’t really have any experience or education but needed both,” said the president of Westway Feed Products LLC, North America’s largest manufacturer of liquid supplements for livestock. “I just had so much hands-on help at Berry, so many people who were engaged with me as a person and were interested in helping me. The class sizes were small, and I got a lot of personal attention from my professors.”

Pursuing what he now refers to as an “accelerated program of animal science and agriculture,” Rob learned everything he could through his classes and work in the college’s large-animal facilities. By the time he took his first job with Purina – after an internship arranged through Berry mentors Luther Miller, then manager of the Rollins Beef Research Center, and Dr. Allen Scott – he was well prepared for a career in the industry.

While Berry’s animal science program has evolved in the years since Rob’s 1983 graduation, hands-on experience, small classes and strong mentoring relationships with staff and faculty remain hallmarks. As the college prepares to build on the program’s foundational strengths, Rob foresees tremendous opportunities for graduates in his industry and others.