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Animal Science Laboratory at Rollins

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While small as building projects go with a cost of $500,000, Berry’s first priority for animal science will help put the program into a class of its own.

“The Animal Science Laboratory near the Rollins complex has huge ramifications for Berry students and faculty,” said longtime faculty member Dr. George Gallagher. “It will take our capabilities for research to a whole new level, provide space for hands-on teaching labs, and make it possible for more students to work in research. For students going into the sciences, research simply outweighs all other forms of student work.”

A practical facility, the 4,600 square-foot center will include:

  • A large holding area with stanchions and other equipment for safely working with up to 10 head of cattle.
  • A flexible, open space that can be configured for use with a variety of animals, most notably sheep, goats and poultry.
  • A research laboratory with chemical-fume hoods for faculty and students to prepare samples, such as blood and tissue, for later study in the laboratories of McAllister Hall.
  • A large storage room for holding the portable pens and panels and other materials needed for specific studies.
  • Veterinary support room.

Construction is underway, with completion expected in January 2017.

Construction Photos