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Animal science laboratory at Rollins

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Construction has been completed on a new laboratory facility for Berry’s growing animal science program.

The 4,600 square-foot facility, located near the Rollins Ruminant Research Center, is the first animal science priority funded through LifeReady: The Berry College Campaign for Opportunity. Fundraising is now underway for a major new animal science building to be located adjacent to the McAllister Hall science center.

Many gifts to the new lab honored the memory of the late Dr. Allen Scott, a longtime animal science faculty member whose name now graces the building entrance. Family and friends joined students, faculty and other officials for the 2017 ribbon-cutting.

Features of the new facility include a research laboratory with multiple workstations and equipment for preparing samples for study, a large lab with 10 stanchions and other equipment for safely working with cattle, a flexible lab where small-animal pens can be configured as needed, a large storage room, and a veterinary support room. The building also functions as an emergency treatment and surgery center, all but eliminating the need for college veterinarians to treat or perform life-saving procedures in the pasture.

“The new lab makes it easier to get students involved in research,” said Dr. Jay Daniel, professor of animal science. “And it opens up possibilities for what can be done in terms of different types of studies and a higher level of work.”

Opportunities for advanced research allow Berry’s animal science students to build on an already strong educational experience that makes them sought after by veterinary schools, graduate schools and employers alike.