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LifeReady mentoring

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” It’s an old saying and true. That’s why we are focused on helping Berry students clarify not only the right destinations in life but also the best routes for reaching them. Having opportunity is the first step. Making the most of opportunity requires good judgment and takes hard work. For most students, it also takes a bit of help.  

J.C. Albritton - quote
“I told Dean Heida that I was interested in student affairs and she said, ‘Great! Let’s have lunch. It’s been really nice to have a professional, an expert in the field, taking an interest in me and helping me pursue my career goal.”
J.C. Albritton, on his relationship with Dean of Students Debbie Heida

LifeReady mentoring builds on Berry’s Plan4ward initiative, a four-year process of self-appraisal, goal setting, planning, reflection and refinement through which students accept personal responsibility for their own educational experience. From pre-admission interviews through graduation, LifeReady coaches will help students identify choices and integrate the advice of academic advisors, work supervisors, career counselors and others as they map out their personal route to LifeReady.  

Berry College provides a wealth of opportunities, and more will be created through this campaign. We want to ensure students get full benefit. The bottom line of LifeReady mentoring is simple: help students determine what they need for success and what endeavors, involvements and work experiences can combine with their studies to generate the strongest personal results.

Your support will boost our ability to initiate and expand this exciting new service for our students.