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Williams Field

Valhalla’s playing surface is named for Bob Williams, a 1962 high school graduate of the Mount Berry School for Boys, and his wife, Kay. They have been loyal supporters of Berry and its athletics program for many years. Recent gifts include funds for Berry’s baccalaureate nursing program, three new scholarships and $500,000 for the stadium project.

Initially critical of Berry’s decision to add football as an intercollegiate sport, Bob and Kay changed their minds and decided to take a leadership role in fundraising for Valhalla after meeting head football coach Tony Kunczewski and seeing the example set by his players.

Bob’s message to fellow alumni is simple: “Let’s get behind it. Let’s show the world that we can do with football what we’ve done with everything else.” 

Pictured: Bob Williams (62H), at left, with wife Kay and Berry head football coach Tony Kunczewski.