Metered Mail

Berry College holds a permit to operate a postage meter and must comply with U. S. Postal Service regulations as follows:

  • All mail to be metered must bear a complete Berry College return address. Metered mail related to events cosponsored by Berry College and an outside organization must also bear a Berry College return address.
  • Folded self mailers not in an envelope must be printed on "65 lb cover" weight paper, and need to be folded at the bottom and secured with adhesive tabs or tape at the top. Please do not use staples as they damage our meter machine and other postal equipment.
  • Mail to be metered must be received at the post office by 3:00 p.m. to be postmarked the same day. This is necessary to allow us sufficient time to process the mail and deliver it to the Rome Post Office by the 4:30 p.m. deadline.

The following guidelines also apply:

  • Mail to be metered must be in ZIP Code order, regardless of the number of pieces. Letters, postcards and large "flat" pieces should be sorted separately. Your mail is combined with mail form all other departments and must be in order. This allows Berry College to take advantage of the lowest possible postage rates. We have letter trays available for your use in preparing large mailings; please contact us if you need these.
  • The postage meter machine can seal letter-size envelopes if the flaps are folded down. Do not mix sealed and unsealed letters. Our machine will seal some flat-size envelopes; we will be glad to run a sample piece to determine if we can seal unusual size envelopes.
  • All First Class Mail must bear the endorsement: Address Service Requested. This is printed on the envelopes along with the postage as the mail is processed by Mail Services. If the addressee has moved, the mail piece will be forwarded at no charge and Berry College will receive a separate change-of-address notification; any applicable fees will be billed to departmental budgets. All out-going mail must bear a complete return address so that the appropriate department can be charged for these fees. This will also ensure that the correct department will be notified of a new address and can make the appropriate correction to their database.