Reply Mail

Business Reply Mail

Business reply mail is pre-addressed postcards or envelopes on which Berry College pays First Class postage and a handling fee for each piece returned. It is used for returning valuable mail to Berry College such as requests from prospective students, Alumni and Advancement campaign responses and surveys. Responses to mailings increases when business reply cards or envelopes are enclosed. With business reply mail, Berry College pays only for the pieces that are actually mailed back. All business reply postage and handling fees are billed to departmental budgets on a monthly basis.

Business Reply Mail must meet specific addressing and format requirements and bear a bar-code. All requests for the printing of Business Reply pieces should be directed to the Director of Creative Services in the Public Relations Office. This will ensure that they are printed in accordance with postal guidelines and will keep our business reply fees at a minimum. Business Reply pieces should be ordered well in advance of their intended use.

Courtesy Reply Mail

Courtesy Reply Mail is a pre-addressed envelope on which the person mailing the envelope to Berry College must pay the postage. Response to mailings increases when envelopes or cards of this type are enclosed and the pre-printed address format speeds the reply. These are enclosed in mailings requiring the recipient to respond before a deadline, such as tuition or student loan payments. Courtesy Reply envelopes can be easily identified for immediate processing upon receipt by your office. All Courtesy Reply envelopes must meet certain guidelines and must bear a bar-code. If your department is considering the use of Courtesy Reply envelopes, please contact us. Your department's unique bar-code is on file with the Director of Creative Services in the Public Relations Office. We will be glad to assist you in meeting the requirements.