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Q: What is the new logo and what does it replace?

Logo Options

Q: Does the new logo replace Berry’s historic college seal or shield?
A: No, the college seal and shield remain the same. The seal will continue to serve as the college’s emblem on official documents such as diplomas.


Q: Does the new logo replace the Viking athletic logo?
A: No, the Viking logo remains the same.

Viking Logo

Q: Are we keeping the college’s traditional colors (dark blue and silver)?
A: YES. Blue and silver remain Berry’s colors – and we’ve added an energetic bright blue that can also be used in marketing materials as a complement. This expands and modernizes our palette in a way that is helpful for digital and print materials. Our traditional blue and silver are included among the logo options and color palette.

Q: Why do we need to replace the current logo?
A: The current logo was introduced 10 years ago as part of a brand campaign focused on the theme of “Experience it Firsthand.” After 2 years of study (involving extensive market research), we recognize the need to update our messaging as well as our look and feel, all while remaining true to the Berry mission. This new approach is being introduced on the website and in print materials during the next several months. “Experience it Firsthand” will no longer be used as a tagline. Its related Berry College block-style logo will also be discontinued.

Q: What was the goal of the new design?
A: We considered several approaches to logo development (e.g., contemporary or traditional) and decided that a heritage “mark” fit Berry best, something custom and noncommercial in character and evocative of Berry’s culture and history. A variety of options were considered including images reflecting historic spires, doors and arches on campus. Several variations of “B” were also studied. The “heritage B” that was selected has the advantage of being a hand-crafted element used throughout the Ford Complex. It is not part of a commercial font and is therefore unique to Berry. Inspiration for the heritage B can be seen in the inscriptions below.

Branding image 1


Q: How will the new logo be used?
A: The logo will initially see its primary use on the college’s website and admission materials, but will be used broadly and definitively as the visual identity of the college in print, digital and other contexts such as apparel. The variety of color applications is shown below:
Logo Usage

Q: Why does the college need to invest in marketing research and “branding”?
A: In the current competitive marketplace of colleges and universities, Berry must regularly evaluate its vision, value promise and messaging. Berry’s brand needs to be rooted in enduring truths that define and distinguish the college, and forward-looking and bold in the way it conveys the Berry story visually and in words.

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