Berry Information Technology Students

The Berry Information Technology Students (BITS) Program is an apprenticeship work opportunity under the umbrella of Berry’s Premier Student Work Program. Our students work in many areas of the Office for Information Technology serving faculty, staff and students. They learn the skills and professional manners that make them competitive for future employers. We instill in students a focus on excellent customer service, technical skills, work ethic and teamwork.  

What Kind of Work Would I Do?

The BITS Program is divided into “tracks” which focus on specific types of IT support.

  • Installing software, peripherals, and assisting users on-site in Mac or PC Support
  • Managing servers and administering accounts in Network Operations
  • Imaging and deploying new computers around campus in PC Deployment
  • Answering technical questions and troubleshooting solutions via telephone at the Technical Support Desk
  • Helping with the Berry website in Web Content/Development 

Program Requirements and Selection

Students who are selected to join BITS will be required to earn at least one authorized IT certification per year. Certifications are great resume builders and the BITS program covers the costs associated with studying and taking the exams.

New BITS will also be required to attend a short training session before Viking Venture. Students are selected and admitted to the program once per year in June.

No Technical Background Required

We recruit students with a strong work ethic who are enthusiastic and interested in learning about technical support. We encourage any interested students to apply regardless of prior experience or expertise. All BITS work under the supervision of Berry OIT staff members and receive on-the-job training in their work area.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please fill out our application. For questions about the BITS program, please contact the BITS Coordinator at (706) 238-7967 or email We will meet with all interested students during SOAR to determine who will be selected for the program. If you are assigned a SOAR session later than June 30th, please call to set up an appointment before June 30th.

We are now accepting applications for the fall 2018 semester. Returning students will be interviewed in late April before final exams. Incoming freshmen interested in the BITS Program will be able to fill out a BITS application once they have reached the deposit paid stage of their admissions process. For assistance, contact