BITS Tracks


The BITS Crew performs fee-based hardware and software computer services in the Rome and Floyd country area for anyone associated with Berry College. All BITS Crew technicians are CompTIA A+ certified. After completing their A+, BITS Crew technicians often complete Network+, Security+, Microsoft Office and other Microsoft certifications.

Macintosh Support

Students learn to troubleshoot and correct hardware and software problems and will assist the Macintosh technician in providing support for Berry-owned Macintosh computers and servers. These students earn Apple certifications such as Apple Certified Associate and Apple Certified Macintosh Technician.

Network Operations

Students in Network Operations create user accounts, provide support for Berry College wired and wireless services and assist the networking staff in maintaining the network. After completing the A+ and/or Network+ certifications, the networking students often work toward the MCSA, Security+ or other Microsoft certifications.

PC Setup

Students who work in PC Setup image and deploy Berry-owned PCs. These students should complete relevant Microsoft certifications including the A+, Microsoft Office, and other Microsoft certifications.

PC Support

Students in PC Support troubleshoot and correct hardware and software issues for Berry-owned Windows computers. After completing the A+ certification, these students complete technical certifications such as the Network+, Security+, Microsoft Office and other Microsoft certifications.

Technical Support Desk

Students learn to troubleshoot various issues over the phone. The Technical Support Desk is the primary point of communication in the IT department and requires learning a vast amount knowledge. Students in the the Technical Support Desk support a wide range of issues including network connectivity, Windows and Macintosh operating systems, Microsoft Office, and iPads. Certifications may include the A+, Network+, Microsoft Office, Security+, MCITP, and Apple certifications.

Web Content and Development

The Web Design track is for students who desire to understand web design and construction. In this track, students learn HTML and other scripting languages from online courses and gain experience in web development as they assist in updating various Berry College department web pages. Web students earn certifications in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and CIW Web Design.