Purpose of Policy

To define how long courses contained in the College’s Learning Management System (LMS) will be retained.


Guiding Principles

  • To retain course and content for a period of time which instructors and students find adequate and useful.
  • To optimize the performance of the LMS.
  • To ensure that the storage space is used efficiently and to minimize the financial and technical impact of increasing disk storage.


This policy covers courses contained in the Learning Management System(s) managed and maintained by Berry College.  The policy does not cover any additional tools managed or not managed by Berry College.



Course – for the purposes of this policy the term “course” refers to an instance of a course taught in a specific semester.  This is sometimes referred to as a section.

Course data – is defined as any data contained in a course on the LMS.  This includes, but is not limited to: the syllabus, roster, attendance, gradebook, coursework (tests, quizzes), discussion forms, and handouts.

Academic year – is defined with the year of the calendar in the fall and is carried over to the following summer. 

Ex:  Academic year 2014 is: 
2014 10 – Fall 2014
2014 16 – Spring 2015
2014 20 – Summer 2015



Berry College will retain LMS course data seven (7) years from the end of the academic year a course is taught.  This ensures that the retention of all course materials is consistent with the current policy noting that a student may not use a catalog more than seven years old.  Removal of courses will begin fall 2015 and will remove all courses and material prior to the fall of 2008 (Academic term 2007 20).  After the initial deletion, at the beginning of each academic year, an email will be sent to current instructors reminding them that courses older than 7 years will be deleted.

Deleting a course permanently removes it from the LMS so that it is no longer accessible.  When a course is deleted, it is removed from past courses for both instructors and students and the instructor and students can no longer access the course.  All course data, defined in section IV, in the course is deleted.

Instructors are responsible for backing up their own course materials at the end of each term.  Retaining copies of the syllabus, electronic grade book and electronic student work is the sole responsibility of the instructor.  A file cabinet is available to each instructor within the college’s LMS and materials stored in the electronic file cabinet are not deleted according to this policy.  Berry College will not backup any course prior to deletion.  Since students have one semester to contest a grade and since a catalog more than seven years old may not be used to complete a degree, faculty do not need to keep individual grade records for their courses longer than seven years. 

Final grades are maintained in perpetuity by the college registrar.

Approval and Review

This policy is periodically reviewed by Information Technology staff and the Information Technology Committee.  Recommendations for changes or additions to this policy will be referred to academic council.  Information technology resources and systems are changing rapidly and the college reserves the right to amend this policy at any time.

Date issued:  April 28, 2015